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This is such a happy day for me !! Usually when I move into a new house, I choose to renovate the master bedroom first to have a clean quiet place to rest my head during the long renovation process of the whole house.

This time, this was more difficult, as the master bedroom needed some renovations that we couldn’t do for many months (so hard to find good contractors with availability during the covid). So our bedroom ended up being one of the last spaces we completed in this house.

I am excited to share with you some of the “curiosities” of this room and show you how cozy this bedroom is now!

velvet bed frame with pillows and star wallpaper

I was really looking forward to making a space that feels happy and matches the rest of the house’s color scheme (you can see my mood board at home here). My daughter’s room next to ours has one Very cheerful daisy painted wallpaper, so the goal was also to keep up with the good vibes that your room also slows down.

Image before and after the bedroom

We also repaired the tiles in the room’s vintage combed plywood ceiling (pots read more about them here) and the repair of the ceiling also helped to give a fresh face to the room. You can also see that there was a super old school wooden flywheel built over the wall of the bed that had fluorescent lighting mounted in there so you know you had to go. Immediately …

Technically, there were three different wall materials that met with the roof and the crown molding they had (which is necessary with this type of roof tile) was pretty poorly installed. So we took all that out and reinstalled new crown molding, which made a big difference to help it look finished.

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