Koi, LiHo close some outlets until June 13 or until further notice


During last year’s auto circuit, many F&B companies suffered a strong impact.

In addition to the food ban, the government also dictated that independent outlets selling only beverages, packaged snacks, confectionery or desserts should also close.

This led to long lines on bubble tea joints during the night of the circuit breaker announcement while Singaporeans are clamoring for their latest solution.

Although Singapore has retreated from Phase 3 of the economy which reopened Phase 2 of intensified alert, these independent outlets can still function.

However, popular bubble tea brands Koi and LiHo have separately announced that they will close some of their outlets in light of the current situation of the Covid-19.

On the one hand, KOI Lucky Plaza, The Arcade and Tanjong Pagar Plaza outlets are “temporarily closed until further notice” starting May 15th.

Meanwhile, LiHo announced the temporary closure of eight of its outlets until June 13th. In his post on Facebook, he also directed his customers to other nearby outlets.

These brands of bubble tea are not the only ones that have voluntarily stopped operations. Filmgarde Cineplexes also announced yesterday (May 18) that it will be closed no later than May 13th.

Featured Image Credit: Koi / Royal T. Group

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