Kerry promotes more ambitious climate protection


Berlin (dpa) – During his visit to Germany, the US climate envoy, John Kerry, called for more global efforts to combat climate change. At a news conference in Berlin on Tuesday afternoon, Kerry said global warming, which in the worst case scenario could reach four degrees Celsius by the end of the century, poses a “giant challenge”.

The U.S. climate envoy had traveled to Germany on Monday to discuss international climate protection policy with several German politicians. In addition to Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas (SPD, photo), Kerry also met on Tuesday with Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier (CDU), Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD), and several opposition politicians.

Kerry stressed that global climate protection could only be achieved if all states, including major emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, came together. Kerry explained that 45% of countries do not yet do so. If the goals set by the countries in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement are not pursued, the world will be heading for a catastrophe, the 77-year-old appealed. In his view, the COP26 World Climate Conference in Glasgow in November is “the last and best hope” to get back on track.

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