Juul will pay $ 40 million in NC case for damages caused by vaping teens


Juul, the largest e-cigarette maker in the United States, has agreed to pay $ 40 million to settle a North Carolina lawsuit alleging the company intentionally had about 20 teens addicted to nicotine.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, who sued the company two years ago, announced the deal Monday.

The company did not admit any responsibility or fault in the agreement, The New York Times reported.

Thirteen more states and the District of Columbia have filed similar lawsuits that have not yet been finalized.

“For years, Juul targeted young people, including teenagers, with highly addictive people “Stein said in a statement.” It ignited the spark and caused the flames of a steam epidemic among our children, which can be seen in any in North Carolina. ”

Stein’s complaint accused Juul of targeting young people to use his products through his designs, marketing schemes and sales.

The state also alleged that the company violated North Carolina’s Unfair and Misleading Business Practices Act by distorting the strength and danger of nicotine in the company’s products. Time reported.

Under the agreement, Juul products will only be sold over the counter in North Carolina stores. Online sales will require third-party age verification and the company will also have to send “mysterious shoppers” to 1,000 stores each year to make sure they don’t sell to minors.

In addition, the company, which had appeared in your ads, you can no longer show models under the age of 35 in your ads or place ads near schools.

A Juul spokesman, Joshua Raffel, said in a statement: “This agreement is consistent with our continued effort to restore our and their relationship with our stakeholders, as we continue to combat the use of minors and advance the opportunity to reduce harm to adult smokers. ”

In all the lawsuits, the charges were similar, meaning Juul knew, or should have known, that teens would become addicted to nicotine-rich pods. In some cases, lung damage and mood disorders were reported.

Some promoted that electronic cigarettes and other vaporization products were less harmful than traditional cigarettes and possibly a safer alternative for people trying to quit combustible cigarettes. But Juul became popular among non-smokers and exposed them to nicotine.

Among other things, nicotine has been linked to developing brain damage. In addition to lawsuits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must decide in early September whether Juul products and other new tobacco products are “appropriate for the protection of public health.”

If deemed inappropriate, the FDA may ban them.

“North Carolina’s lawsuit against Juul announced today underscores Juul’s guilt in causing the epidemic of juvenile e-cigarette use and addiction in the United States and the FDA’s responsibility to deny Juul’s request. to continue selling products that put our children at risk, “said Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children. “This agreement highlights the role played by Juul’s flavored products, including menthol-flavored products, and its high nicotine-containing products in the creation and maintenance of the juvenile e-cigarette epidemic.”

North Carolina sues electronic cigarette maker JUUL

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