Israel launches air raids on Gaza by “incendiary balloons” | News of the Israel-Palestine conflict


Israel launches new airstrikes against Gaza after Palestinians in the besieged enclave send incendiary balloons to southern Israel.

The Israeli air force launched airstrikes against the Gaza Strip early Wednesday after Palestinians from the besieged enclave sent incendiary balloons into southern Israel, Israeli military and Gaza witnesses said.

In a statement, the Israeli military said it had attacked Hamas complexes and was “prepared for all scenarios, including renewed fighting over ongoing terrorist acts emanating from Gaza.”

It was not immediately known if there were any casualties as a result of the bombings.

The airstrikes mark the first major outbreak between Israel and Gaza since a ceasefire on May 21 ended Israel’s 11-day attack on the territory, which killed 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, according to the Gaza authorities. Thirteen people in Israel were also killed by rockets fired from the enclave.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza he protested against a “provocative” march by Israeli far-right nationalists through occupied East Jerusalem.

The so-called Tuesday “March of the Flags“, Which marked the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the eastern part of the city in 1967, occurred when tensions continue to rise due to Israel’s planned forced displacement of Palestinian families from the Sheikh neighborhood. Jarrah.

Prior to the march, Israeli police forcibly removed dozens of Palestinians from outside the Old City’s Damascus Gate. At least 17 Palestinians were arrested and 33 others were injured as Israeli police fired stun grenades into the surrounding areas of the Damascus Gate.

Hundreds of Jewish ultranationalists participating in the march were heard singing “Death to the Arabs” in Hebrew. In another anti-Palestinian chant, they shouted, “Let your people burn.”


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