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For the fifth year in a row, this diet was ranked number one overall for its effect on weight loss, heart health and more.

Diets come and go, with many taking the world by storm and then disappearing without too much fuss. According to the US News & World Report, the Mediterranean diet is an exception to this rule, continuing to reign for the fifth year in a row. winning first place for the best diet.

He magazine rankings They include a list of the top 40 diets, and categorize them into categories such as the best diets for diabetes and the best diets for weight loss. As for the best diets overall, the top three rankings include the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet and the Flexitarian diet, which give the user a sense of choice and freedom.

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Are you healthier on a vegetarian diet during the week?
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“I think it’s important to keep in mind that the three major diets (Mediterranean, DASH, and flexion) offer variety, flexibility, and few rules, if any,” said Gretel Schueller, editor-in-chief of Health at US News & World Report. . he told CNN. “All diets that work well are safe, sensible and supported by sound science. Diet winners also provide adequate calories with a focus on whole vegetables, fruits and cereals; a modest amount of lean protein, dairy; and a occasional delight “.

Diets were selected according to criteria developed by experts, such as ease of follow-up, their effects on weight, whether the diet helped prevent conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, their long-term functioning and far more.

Diets at the top of the list tend to approach the concept of diet in a modern way, focusing on what people eat instead of what they are depriving themselves of. These diets usually recommend healthy, delicious, plentiful meal plans that support a lifestyle change rather than a diet that you will leave after you have lost the pounds you initially wanted to get rid of.

How to eat healthier without sacrificing fun
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The Mediterranean diet It is based on the types of food consumed in countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy, all located near the Mediterranean Sea. People living in these countries tend to have better heart health and a more stable body weight. These diets consist of consuming large amounts of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes and more, while consuming cheese, yogurt, poultry and dairy in small quantities. Foods that limit this diet include red meat, added sugars, processed foods, and the like, which includes many foods, especially for Americans.

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Despite some limitations, it is a healthy diet that has gained followers around the world, while helping them discover new dishes and approaches to delicious and plentiful food.

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