Is the end of cheap flights over?


Berlin (dpa) – Olaf Scholz, the candidate for chancellor of the German Social Democrats, wants to act against cheap flights to Europe and impose a price cap.

“No flight should be cheaper than airport fares and all other associated fees,” Scholz told the TV show “ProSieben Spezial Live”. Regulating scope would be legally difficult. However, this means at least that “there will certainly be no (flight) that costs less than 50 or 60 euros.” Even that is still quite cheap compared to what the air trip cost, he added.

Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism Thomas Bareiss, for his part, argued that climate protection should not be at the expense of holiday planning for low-income families. “I believe that traveling and flying should also be affordable on any budget in the future and not become a luxury for a few. Climate protection and CO2 reduction should be done smartly and through new technologies. Anyone who believes that bans and disproportionate price increases are the way forward is to embroider the wrong tree, “the politician told the German News Agency.

In their election manifesto adopted last Sunday, the Social Democrats promise to make rail travel in Europe cheaper and more attractive than flying. On the other hand, Scholz does not see free public transportation as realistic, at least not if it is to be expanded. However, he advocated more 365-euro banknotes in municipalities and districts. In addition, he said a lot of money needs to be invested in expanding local public transport.

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