International reform of cannabis for social use will be a popular topic in 2022

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For centuries, the ban on cannabis did not exist at all. Fortunately, things are turning in that direction, albeit slowly. In addition to the dozens of countries with medical cannabis laws, there are now three countries that have legalized cannabis for adult use.

Malta became the last country to do so when lawmakers passed a measure on adult use in recent weeks. Malta was the first in Europe to legalize.

Uruguay was the first in the world to legalize itself in 2013 and Canada followed suit in 2018. Social cannabis use is allowed in some forms in all three nations.

Will social cannabis use become the norm?

When people think about legalizing cannabis, they often think about owning, cultivating, and selling cannabis. While they are certainly components of full legalization, there are other facets as well.

Social cannabis use is one such facet. Social cannabis use is essentially when cannabis use occurs in one place or another event.

It can be a real part of the business model, such as a cannabis social lounge where people pay to enter, or it can simply be allowed to occur on the property, such as a section of cannabis smokers outside a restaurant.

A “one-size-fits-all” approach to describing what social use is can be difficult because the social use of cannabis can take many forms.

If people can legally buy cannabis, they should be able to use it legally somewhere, which can be difficult in hotels and rental properties. Consuming openly in public is still a taboo everywhere.

That’s why social use is a vital point on the larger cannabis reform platform.

Industry opportunities

Few sectors of the cannabis industry, if any, have as much potential as the social consumption of cannabis. Cannabis tourism, which will be huge in the future, is only one component of social use.

Imagine a social business model and then apply cannabis to it. For example, many people like to play bingo or video games. Now imagine a room or bingo hall that also allows cannabis use.

Social cannabis use has the potential to improve many current businesses and lead to the creation of completely new businesses.

Obviously, there will be some security limitations. In the same way that it is not allowed to combine alcohol with any activity, the same will happen with cannabis.

That said, many social media business models are simple and fairly inexpensive to start, which will significantly reduce the barrier to cannabis entry for many people, and that’s always good.

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