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Insulin Herb by ezyAbsorb is a dietary supplement that has been developed to support healthy blood sugar levels. Moreover, the supplement was designed to provide immune, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal support. An attractive characteristic worth highlighting here is that the chosen ingredients for Insulin Herb are based on Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines.

According to the formula’s official website, Insulin Herb can decrease insulin resistance, sugar production in the liver and reduce the rate at which carbohydrates and body fat are metabolized– most of which contribute to ever-changing blood glucose levels.

How is Insulin Herb capable of bringing such benefits to the table? The following review will divulge everything there is to know in regard to Insulin Herb.

How does Insulin Herb work?

Insulin Herb aims to activate an enzyme called AMPK, short for AMP-activated protein kinase. EzyAbsorb™ refers to this enzyme as the “Master Metabolic Switch.” In this case, upon turning on the switch, the body will be pushed towards burning sugar for energy, which frees the latter from our very cells. Consequently, one’s blood sugar levels are said to drop naturally. This is all possible because AMPK is a type of energy-sensing enzyme. So, in the event that cellular energy is drastically low in the body, AMPK is believed to trigger glucose uptake.

What does the Insulin Herb formula include?

Insulin Herb features a simple formula. In particular, all it takes to lower blood sugar levels, at least by ezyAbsorb™’s approach, are two essential ingredients:

Berberine HCL (500mg per serving)

Berberine is a bioactive compound/alkaloid that is extracted from Berberis shrubs. Aside from its traditional uses, berberine is highly recommended for blood sugar support because it activates the AMPK enzyme as required. Once again, its role entails regulating energy production to some of the body’s largest parts (i.e., brain, kidney, liver, heart, etc.).

In relation to blood sugar levels, it is trusted to decrease insulin resistance and increase glycolysis. Insulin resistance is when bodily organs fail to pick up on the insulin hormone’s cries that glucose supply is available. This failed connection may lead to excess glucose and an even greater insulin presence, which only makes matters worse.

On the other hand, we have a process called glycolysis, one that is described as the initial stage of breaking down glucose for cellular metabolism. The latter fact needs to be drilled into one’s mind because it implies that glucose is distributed, and hence, consumers are likely to see balanced blood sugar levels. Other berberine-related benefits may include prolonged carbohydrates breakdown in the gut and a healthy environment for good bacteria to thrive in.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract 80% Silymarin (105mg per serving)

Milk Thistle, or primarily, silymarin, is a type of flavonoid with potent antioxidants. This might be helpful for the entirety of Insulin Herb because silymarin can put up a fair fight against insulin resistance and hyperglycemia (i.e., high blood sugar). Moreover, pairing milk thistle with berberine is believed to create a powerful duo because both are known to trigger the AMPK enzyme. In most cases, it is actually silymarin that maximizes the bioavailability of berberine.

Other ingredients found in the formula include vegetable cellulose, organic rice hulls, and natural rice extract.

How much does Insulin Herb cost?

Each Insulin Herb bottle will last one full month, and consumers are normally recommended to take the supplement over the long run. Hence, bulk purchases have recently been discounted. Here’s a quick summary:

1 Insulin Herb bottle: $39.90

3 Insulin Herb bottles: $29.90 (total: $89.70)

Insulin Herb Reviews
Insulin Herb Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should Insulin Herb be taken?

One Insulin Herb capsule should be taken three times a day 30 minutes prior to/or after having a meal for optimal results. Given that the three capsules amount to a total concentration of 1,500mg of berberine, no more should be ingested. Exceeding the recommended doses can lead to unwanted digestion issues.

Is Insulin Herb safe?

ezyAbsorb™ insists that Insulin Herb is safe because there are no known side effects to taking berberine as of yet. Moreover, the team supposedly used a high-quality source of berberine that has been rigorously tested. Finally, individuals need not worry about any stimulants, as this formula is deemed stimulant-free.

Are there any allergens to be watchful of?

Insulin Herb was supposedly manufactured on shared equipment that might have also processed milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish. Hence, people who are allergic to these ingredients should be careful moving forward.

Is it appropriate to pair Berberine with metformin?

Berberine should be perceived as a dietary supplement/multi-vitamin. As a result, it can, in fact, be paired with metformin. In spite of that, a health practitioner’s advice should be sought-for before making any drastic changes.

How long will it take to see results with Insulin Herb?

Although each individual’s body is unique in how it functions, the average customer is believed to have seen results in as early as two weeks, some of which include increased energy levels and weight loss efforts and reduced inflammation across the entire body. It usually can take anywhere between four and 12 weeks for berberine to activate glycolysis and gradually lower blood sugar levels.

What diets can Insulin Herb be paired with?

Given that berberine doesn’t contain any restrictive components, ezyAbsorb™ trusts that this supplement can be paired with most diets, including vegan, paleo, keto, and kosher.

Is Insulin Herb protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Insulin Herb is protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that one’s Insulin Herb supply can be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date. A specific reason is not required, but normally, individuals may do so either because they are dissatisfied or have failed to see the suggested results. To learn more about ezyAbsorb™’s overall return policy, contact customer service by:

Filling out a form here

Calling: (800) 745-7496

Email: [email protected]

Returning Address: FDC Returns (c/o EzyAbsorb.), 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood Colorado 80112

Why choose ezyAbsorb™?

ezyAbsorb™ is proclaimed as a brand that focuses on natural processes and independent lab testing. To date, they’ve only considered ingredients that have been grown in nutrient-rich soils, carry a versatile nutrients profile, have high bioavailability (i.e., for absorption purposes), scientific results, and are convenient to take. Hence, the perspective that ezyAbsorb™ brings to the table isn’t only simple but practical at best.

Final Verdict

By now, it should be clear that Insulin Herb has been designed to trigger the AMPK enzyme. Deemed the sole proprietor of the body’s energy production, turning this switch on is all it takes to regulate blood sugar levels. What makes Insulin Herb attractive is its simplicity, history, and scientific support, all of which are likely to boost consumer confidence. Moreover, the recommended dose provides the strongest yet safest concentrations for the utmost results. These reasons alone make Insulin Herb’s price points one of high value. To learn more about Insulin Herb and ezyAbsorb™, click here.


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