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Pro athletes have their tasks cut out when it comes to picking ‘safe’ supplements that do not draw red flags during random doping tests. Be it WADA or UFC, agencies are always sniffing for the slightest sign of chemical ingredients that are categorized as ergogenic aids.

So, most athletes look for natural supplements, be it for bulking or energy boosting or cutting down to get into a weight category before an event. However, as we all know by now, most natural weight loss supplements out there are overpriced junk. They don’t work. They cost a bomb. They have unproven ingredients. Anything unproven can potentially be a banned ingredient.

That’s precisely why we were drawn to Instant Knockout. We chance-discovered this fat burner while speaking to a famed fitness coach who trains a four-time UFC champion. We were quite surprised because we’d never heard of it before. We have spent years in the health supplements industry and we were pretty sure that we’d reviewed almost every new fat burner that had been released in the last couple of years.

But Instant Knockout had managed to slip away from under our noses. The surprising bit is that it is now the preferred cutting agent for almost 75% of professional athletes and yet, it is largely under the radar.

Athletes prefer it because its 100% natural and it does a phenomenal job of moving the scale fast. Maybe it’s being kept under the radar so that these guys always have stock in ready availability. That’s just our educated guess though. Fat burners sell like hot cakes and if they work, and are natural, they practically disappear overnight.

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So, here’s the weight loss industry’s best kept secret for you. In our Instant Knockout review we are going to cover this.

  1. What is Instant Knockout?
  2. How does it work?
  3. What is the Trifecta of weight loss that it is based on?
  4. What are the ingredients?
  5. What are the effects of using Instant Knockout?
  6. How to use it?
  7. How not to use it?
  8. Realistic Expectations – How much weight can you lose with it?
  9. Advantages
  10. Side Effects

So stay tuned if you too want to know more about this amazing weight loss aid that is taking the world of professional sports by storm.

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is a custom-made fat loss supplement that helps users drop a lot of weight in very little time. We emphasized on custom made, because it earns the distinction of being the only supplement that was designed for professional MMA fighters.

As we explained at the onset, MMA fighters are extremely careful about the supplements they used.

The story goes that a leading fitness coach whose prime athlete was busted for guzzling an energy drink that apparently contained a banned ingredient, contacted a bunch of researchers and outsourced the mammoth task of designing a weight loss supplement that met the following criteria.

  1. It was safe and devoid of any synthetic additives and research chemicals
  2. No hormonal modulators & no banned ingredients
  3. No CNS stimulants
  4. All natural
  5. Helps boost metabolism
  6. Helps prevent hunger pangs
  7. Bumps up energy levels so that there’s no need for a separate energy drink
  8. Works fast
  9. Does not affect sleep
  10. Does not enhance cortisol levels

As you can see, the checklist was elaborate and a few years ago, we would have said that it was an impossible one to match. But after spending about 3-years carefully selecting ingredients, the researchers were finally able to create a supplement that ticked all these boxes. For almost two years, the supplement was made-to-order, available only to a selected group of athletes who used it to stay ribbed year-round.

But soon, a leading supplement brand got wind of this great new fat burner that athletes were using to knock off 15-25 lb. in a span of weeks. It wasn’t long before the product hit the shelves. Since then, it has become a rage amongst the general fitness crowd as well.

How does Instant Knockout work?

Instant Knockout is unlike any other weight loss supplement that you might have seen so far. Most weight loss supplements have a singular mode of action. Some are great appetite suppressants. Others are metabolism boosters which increase the rate of energy expenditure. Similarly, there are some which help to mobilize some of the most stubborn layers of fat that your body stores for future use, but never gets around to using anyway.

But there are very few fat burners which produce all these effects and yet, are 100% natural. Instant Knockout is at the forefront of that list.

It works on the trifecta of fat loss, which makes it well suited for a variety of fitness goals.

What is the trifecta of weight loss?

If you speak to athletes, each one of them will have their own challenge that makes weight loss difficult for them. But generally, it is one of these three. Instant Knockout ticks all three of these boxes.

It amplifies the metabolism – Most athletes have monstrous training programs in the weeks leading up to their primary sporting event. They workout sometimes for 6-8 hours a day, which means that they burn a ton of calories anyway. But, to meet this calorie demand, they have to consume an equally large number of calories. This is where it gets tricky. If they drop their calorific intake below what they burn, they may lose fat. But they also risk losing muscle. Besides, there’s a bigger risk. Their energy balance can shift to negative, which will then affect their workouts negatively.

They will start getting fatigued a lot sooner, their range of motion during exercise will be limited and their recovery will be compromised as well, which makes them prone to injuries. With Instant Knockout, they get an added bump in the metabolism, which increases the efficiency of their workouts. If they were burning 1000 calories in a day with exercise, the metabolism boost will allow them to burn a lot more.

So, they burn more calories without reducing their calorific intake. This ensures that their micronutrient count remains unchanged. Their electrolyte balance is not affected. Also, a boosted metabolism means that they burn fat even when they are resting. That’s precisely what makes this so popular with the fitness crowd. Most men and women with regular jobs are unable to dedicate time towards cooking meals with precise calorie counts. The bumped-up metabolism allows them to get away, even with a lackluster diet. They still burn fat.

It curbs hunger – There are two ingredients in Instant Knockout which work to curb your hunger in different ways. One of them is a soluble fiber that absorbs the liquid in your stomach and gets engorged in size. This sludge (for lack of a better word) then begins to move slowly through the gut, slowing your digestion down. This process is called gastric emptying. There are three reasons why this process is one of the most beneficial ones for your body.

Firstly, because of the water absorption and the resulting bulk, your brain does not signal the release of the Ghrelin hormone. Unlike chemical appetite blockers, there’s no trickery involved here. It’s not that your brain is tricked into believing that you aren’t hungry. There is in reality, a lot of food that’s slowly moving through your gut and for this reason, there’s no reason for you to eat more food. In simple terms, you will be able to drop calories if you want to. This trait of Instant Knockout makes it very effective for people who are overweight. For instance, if you want to drop 45-50 lb. and find it impossible to work out due to health reasons, the soluble fiber route is one of the safest and proven ways to drop the pounds.

Secondly, this soluble fiber is what’s called roughage in medical terms. It has a cleansing effect on your colon and essentially scrubs it clean of all the toxic residue that’s clinging on to the insides of your gut. One of these things is bad cholesterol. People who are overweight generally have poor lipid values as well. Instant Knockout might also prove to be very helpful in dropping unhealthy LDL and triglycerides levels.

Last but not the least, soluble fiber will improve your insulin resistance. One clinical study has revealed that soluble fiber might in fact be very effective in reversing Type-II diabetes. It also improves your metabolism by the way. Most fitness coaches prescribe low carb meals to keep insulin levels from spiking and crashing frequently. Because if your insulin levels are high constantly, your body will never tap into the stored fat reserves. By stabilizing insulin levels, Instant Knockout makes it easier to lose stubborn fat.

It keeps your energy levels high – Energy levels are a critical part of any fitness journey. We are surprised because it isn’t spoken about as frequently as say, thermogenesis is. Maybe it is because it doesn’t sound fancy enough. Also, how can low energy levels ever be a detriment for a fitness plan, right? Sorry to disappoint. But energy levels are one of the primary reasons why weight loss plans fail.

This is what happens in a typical fitness plan. Athletes drop their calorie intake. But they generally increase their energy expenditure. The combination is counterproductive. They are eating less but burning more, which causes fatigue and poor recovery. The fatigue is not merely limited to their muscle cells, mind you. There is something called CNS fatigue too.

Instant Knockout contains a blend of three Vitamins and one Amino acid, all of which are scientifically proven to influence energy metabolism. This blend ensures that you never feel fatigued even if you aren’t eating as many calories as you used to, or are burning more calories than normal. It allows you to perform at 100% every time you hit the gym, be it moving weights or performing cardio.

By combining these three distinct effects, Instant Knockout allows even the most difficult weight loss journeys to be completed successfully.

What are the ingredients in Instant Knockout?

For the longest time, Instant Knockout was used by professional MMA fighters and they never had a problem passing doping tests. That alone is testimony to the safety profile and the clean ingredient list.

But in case you want to know more details, it is a blend of 9 ingredients. Four of these are vitamins and amino acids. Three are herbs. There’s a hint of caffeine and there’s the soluble fiber that we mentioned at the onset. What’s amazing about the ingredient list is that the ingredients are selected according to their effect on weight loss goals.

For instance, there are ingredients which are very effective at keeping stable energy levels. These also help improve the mood and prevent depressive symptoms from setting in. An added perk is improved cognitive performance.

Similarly, there’s an enhanced version of a proven thermogenesis inducing agent. Most fat burners that we’ve seen cut corners with thermogenesis. They either cram their products with stimulants, or they secretly disguise some CNS stimulant as natural. But Instant Knockout has carefully handpicked the most potent, natural thermogenic agent ever. It’s found in chili peppers and Instant Knockout features a concentrated version that makes it all the more effective.

Lastly, there’s the natural appetite suppressant. In case you wish to know more about the blend, click here to check the complete product label.

How to use Instant Knockout?

When we were collecting anecdotal reviews from users about their experiences with Instant Knockout, we noticed something. A lot of users actually do not have the faintest idea on how to maximize the effectiveness of this supplement. Most of them just follow the instructions on the product label. Others just randomly tweak the dosages in ways they deem fit. To that end, we decided to include a set of best practices for anyone who wishes to use Instant Knockout and maximize the tremendous potential that the supplement offers.

  • Lower your calorie intake slightly – One of the advantages of using a well-rounded fat burner, such as Instant Knockout is that you do not need to lose sleep over macronutrient ratios and calories. But we recommend that you spend some time on calculating these numbers anyway and lower your calorie count slightly. If you were not using Instant Knockout, we would have recommended a 500-1000 calorie drop at least. But since you are using it, even 250-calories lower will produce phenomenal results.
  • Add Exercise – The word ‘Exercise’ triggers mixed emotions from the average health supplement user. When it comes to fat burners, everyone prefers the magic pill, don’t they? They want to rest on their couches while the fat miraculously disappears. Well, Instant Knockout is the closest that you will get to a magic pill, if ever there was one. But still, adding some form of physical activity will make it all the more effective. If you can, do full fledged cardio. HIIT is the bee’s knees. But even if you can do LISS, do it by all means. If you plan to include HIIT in the routine, ensure that you monitor your heart rate closely with a chest-strap heart rate monitor. With the thermogenic effect, your heart rate might be elevated slightly to begin with. So, you may not have to go full steam during cardio.

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How not to use Instant Knockout?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with weight loss supplements is aiming for too much in very little time. For a supplement as effective as Instant Knockout, you do not need to do anything extraordinary. It is very potent and it will work even at the recommended dose. Here’s a few things that you should never do while you are on the supplement.

  • Unreasonable Dosages – The recommended dose of Instant Knockout is 4 caps a day, one before every meal. That’s a high dose mind you, and there’s no need to increase it any further. Some athletes mentioned that they experienced severe gastric problems after doubling the dose, just because they wanted to lose weight faster. You need to understand that each capsule of Instant Knockout has enough Glucomannan (soluble fiber) to keep you full for up to 4 hours. If you double that dose, it’s not going to keep you full for 8-hours. But it may just cause bloat and gastric distress. You may also have to increase your water intake to adjust to the increased dose. Hence, stick to the recommended dose at all times.
  • Unwanted Calorie reduction – If you intend to reduce your calorie intake while you are on Instant Knockout, 250-calories is all that you need to reduce. Anything further might shift the energy balance into negative. Like we mentioned earlier, you do not want to venture into that turf, especially if you are exercising as well.
  • Clubbing it with energy drinks – Some energy drinks might contain unreasonable doses of caffeine. Instant Knockout has caffeine too, albeit in tolerable doses. But the combo can produce some unsavory side effects that you can easily avoid. Just don’t use it with energy drinks. Always take the dose after a full meal.

Realistic Expectations – How much weight can you lose with Instant Knockout?

If you read some of the success stories, you will be amazed at the transformations that users have been able to achieve with Instant Knockout. But a lot of those transformations were achieved by athletes who have their nutrition dialed down to the T, and have the guidance of skilled and experienced coaches.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that Instant Knockout hasn’t been used by normal men and women. There are thousands of men and women who have also used it and achieved their fitness goals. Men and women with families, jobs and priorities, other than slogging it in the gym for hours. Men and women who were not as stringent with their diets, as athletes are.

Based on anecdotal feedback gathered from such users, you can lose up to 20 lb. in a span of weeks with Instant Knockout. That’s if you are not watchful about your diet and are just dropping calories based on an educated guess.

On the other hand if you are following a diet and exercise routine to the T, then you may be able to drop up to 30 lb. or even more.

There are some pro athletes who have dropped insane amounts of weight with Instant Knockout and made it within time to their weight categories.

The Advantages of using Instant Knockout

Let us sum up what we have covered in this Instant Knockout review so far.

Completely Natural Formula – Instant Knockout is a 100% safe and legal fat burner that contains a blend of 9 science-backed ingredients. There’s a B-Vitamin blend, Vitamin D3, some herbal extracts for thermogenesis, a mild dose of caffeine & a form of soluble fiber. No banned ingredients, no synthetic stimulants.

Used by Pro Athletes – Instant Knockout was the best kept secret of the athletic community, until it wasn’t anymore. For years, it was used by pro bodybuilders to knock off a lot of weight in limited time.

Quick acting formula – Instant Knockout works in weeks. Most fat burners take much longer to kick in and produce results. So, if you are looking to quickly get in shape, this is just what you need.

Thermogenesis covers poor dietary choices – Instant Knockout will work even if you do not have your nutrition dialed down. We generally don’t mention this because it emboldens users to live with poor dietary choices. But hey, it’s the truth. This works even if you don’t count calories like a robot. You can eat the food you love and still lose weight.

Controlled Appetite – With Glucomannan after every meal, you will never feel the urge to indulge in unhealthy snacking ever again. Instant Knockout just takes the wind out of binge eating.

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Any Side Effects?

As long as you are not bumping the dosage unnecessarily, you will experience no side effects with Instant Knockout. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you may experience some minor discomfort.

To that end, we recommend that you check the ingredient list over here.

Closing thoughts

With Instant Knockout, you now have access to the strongest weight loss supplement that was only accessible to pro athletes a year ago. If this doesn’t let you reach your desired weight, then nothing will. Try it out now. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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