Innovaccer offers a free public health command center to help with Omicron Surge


What you should know:

– Innovaccer has been launched Public Health Command Center, an innovative solution designed to help hospitals fight the pandemic more effectively on a scale. It integrates perfectly The proven COVID-19 command center from Innovaccer with a new version of Innovaccer focused on COVID Patient relationship management solution. And it is available at no cost to public health departments and hospitals for the first three months of use.

– Powered by Innovaccer Health Cloud®_platform, the new Public Health Command Center provides a unified information center for users to manage their COVID-19 resources by seamlessly integrating EHR data, supply chains, human resources, and financial systems.

Public Health Command Center: How It Works

He Public Health Command Center provides information, sorting, navigation, and education tools to help healthcare organizations mitigate rapidly developing COVID-19 trends and better manage capacity, treatment, and monitoring, all with the goal of reducing pressure on systems while improving patient care and outcomes. for communities.

– Statistics: Monitor community trends on access points, case loads, inventory requirements, resource requirements, and social determinants of health data to create early warning systems.

– Triage: Triax patients virtually through simple COVID assessments by sending automated self-assessments based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to phones and assess community risk.

– Navigation: Enable call centers with the best course of action using a web-based contact center solution that enables proactive outreach, care navigation, and troubleshooting.

– Education: Fight panic and promote vaccines with education by sharing CDC-recommended resources with communities by recorded text, email, and voice messages.

County Health Departments

County health departments can use Public Health Command Center to track and manage pandemic data, including new daily geographic, demographic, and facility cases; percentage of sequenced variants; vaccination maps; and results by vaccination status. They can also combat misinformation by sending targeted campaigns to residents based on demographics, vaccination status, and other factors. These capabilities can also be expanded to effectively manage other public health threats in the future.


Hospitals can take advantage Public Health Command Center dashboards prepared to track patient flow, inventory levels, bed capacity, test capacity, and positive patient demographics, and can easily generate reports for the CDC. They can also use the Public Health Command Center’s Cloud Contact and Outreach Center modules to better coordinate patient care.


Innovaccer’s Public Health Command Center it is now available to public health departments and healthcare organizations at no cost during the first three months of use. A completely cloud-based service, the solution can be implemented in any hospital system in a few weeks. Health and public health organizations should do the same Contact Innovaccer now to start immediately.

“We are all together,” said Abhinav Shashank, co-founder and CEO of Innovaccer. “Frontline health heroes are selflessly working to address this new front-line crisis. We have pooled all our resources to quickly develop a solution that can help protect them and address the communities they serve. As COVID-19 becomes endemic, ours Public Health Command Center it can help make a difference now and in the future. Public health officials and hospitals can deploy it quickly and easily to better manage operations, protect their front-line staff, help ensure quality care for patients and communities, and ultimately to be better prepared for whatever the pandemic leaves behind. “

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