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Seeing how Italy and England beat 22 more teams in the race for the Euro 2020 final.

When: July 11, 2021
On: Wembley Stadium, London
Boot: 19:00 GMT

Italy will face England in the final of the 2020 European Championship on Sunday.

As many as 60,000 fans are expected to pack up Wembley Stadium in London to see England in their first final appearance at the Euros.

Italy, which won the tournament in 1968, has gone from losing the 2018 World Cup to reaching the final for the fourth time in history.

It comes at the back of an astonishing roll of 33 unbeaten matches.

The European Championship is the second most-watched football tournament in the world after the football World Cup, with the 2016 continental tournament attracting more than two billion viewers, according to UEFA.

Italy vs. England, history

England and Italy last faced off in a 1-1 friendly draw in March 2018.

The two sides have an 82-year rivalry with their first match, a 1-1 draw, which will take place in Rome in 1933.

England dominated for the next four decades, without losing a game of six against the Italians until 1973, when they lost 2-0 at the Stadio Comunale in Turin.

During the 1990 World Cup in Italy, the hosts won 2-1 in third place in the playoffs.

The last time the two nations played in a European Championship was in 2012, when Italy beat England 4-2 on penalties.

Unbeatable race

Both sides have yet to lose a game in this edition of the tournament.

In the round of 16, England beat Germany 2-0, while Italy defeated Austria 2-1.

While England defeated Ukraine 4-0 to reach the semis, Italy had a closer match, beating Belgium 2-1, the best ranked.

During the semi-final against Denmark, English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford broke his country’s 720-year record of 720 minutes without conceding a goal … just minutes before England conceded the first goal of the tournament,

England won 2-1, courtesy of an own goal and a controversial penalty, which broke Denmark’s heart after winning the last four despite losing the first two games and midfielder Christian Ericksen suffering a cardiac arrest.

Italy’s semi-final match against Spain ended in penalties, with the former winning 4-2.

UEFA Euro 2020 football infographics Italy England

Italy second eye trophy, England first

The last time Italy won the tournament was in 1968. England will play their first European Championship final.

The European Championship was first held in France in 1960. It was set up as a knockout competition and only the top four teams made it to the main event.

Over the years, the number of participating teams increased from four in 1960, eight in 1980, 16 in 1996 and 24 in 2016.

For the first time in its history, the tournament was played in 11 cities in Europe.

Spain and Germany have won three euros each.

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