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This summary of the Digital Health News industry has an international flavor, with news on recent acquisitions in Spain and the Netherlands and expansion in Germany, along with UK updates on pain assessment and staff bank expansion .

Three new trusts join the country’s largest medical staff bank

The NHS Foundation Trust at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, the NHS Foundation Trust at Royal Bolton and the NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust at Manchester are the latest trusts to join the staff bank. · Doctors in Training laboratory.

The staff bank, which came into operation in November 2020, acts as a supplementary bank for participating hospitals, allowing them to pass on shifts that they have not been able to cover to clinical students already working with the network of hospitals. northwest. It is the largest of its kind, with 18 trusts incorporated into the initiative.

The system is fully digitized and shifts are issued and reserved through the Patchwork Health app. It already helps reduce spending on external agencies and reduces the administrative burden of ensuring shift coverage. It is also improving the continuity of patient care through the use of a smaller group of local staff.

Dr. Anas Nader, CEO of Patchwork Health, said: “We created the first collaborative staffing banks in response to the desperately acute staffing needs caused by the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. however, we’ve seen how far these collaborations can be and the long-term benefits they bring in. It’s great to see so much confidence across the Northwest coming together to pool resources and adopt digital staffing solutions that make a difference. both for patients and for staff and hospitals “.

First digital health library for the United Arab Emirates

Plans are underway for the Middle East’s first digital health library thanks to a partnership between the Osteopathic Health Center, Dubai and the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA).

The one-year contract will allow 40,000 patients projected in the country to access a library of health applications with the best score to support their health goals. ORCHA, the world’s largest application distribution and review company, will also provide all CPD-accredited center professionals with training on how to use digital health, as well as training on the digital health form so they can select and prescribing applications for patients.

A complete library of applications will be hosted on the centre’s websites. All have been tested to more than 350 digital health standards.

George Kowalski, Director of Business Development at ORCHA, said: “In the future we would like digital health technologies to be adopted in all the UAE along with a standardized approach, as well as the Nordic states. Europeans work together to create a unified platform across the five independent countries. The result will be improved access to health for millions of people. ”

Preventx is expanding in Europe

The UK’s leading online sexually transmitted infection testing service has made major acquisitions in Spain and the Netherlands.

Preventx has acquired Open House, the leading Spanish clinic for ITS, and Soapoli Online (SPO), the largest provider of remote self-sampling STI in the Netherlands.

The expansion in Europe is the beginning of the company’s plans to build both a south and a north center, aimed at making the tests more easily accessible to the public.

Using a powerful technology platform and a dedicated lab, Preventx currently allows people in the UK to take control of their health by ordering an online self-sampling STI kit. Users can take the sample themselves and return it for analysis.

With the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of self-sampling test kits has doubled, according to the company, and they expect growth to continue.

Preventx CEO Ruth Poole commented: “The UK is leading the world in the standardization of online testing as part of the lives of sexually active people. These major acquisitions will position Preventx to become the European leader. in sexual health, which will allow millions more to access reliable and accessible sexual health services. “

Digital technology “the future” for accurate pain assessments

A new report on global pain assessment methods and pain control tools in UK care homes has confirmed the importance of digital technology in enabling accurate pain assessment and treatment, and the ‘called’ future ‘.

Recently published, Modern assessment of pain in aged care: challenges, guidelines and practices, consolidates the details of a study conducted by the medtech company PainChek.

Unlike other tools that rely on subjective caregiver observations, the PainChek app automates the pain assessment process using facial analysis technology and artificial intelligence. It can detect microexpressions on patients ’faces and combine them with observations.

According to PainChek research, the app is able to detect pain with 95% accuracy, 96% sensitivity and 91% specificity in those who cannot verbalize pain.

Pete Shergill, country director for PainCheck UK&I, said: “Digital systems are poised to replace traditional paper-based systems in the whole social care environment, and pain management should be no exception. empowering attendees with the tools and training needed to accurately assess pain and provide appropriate pain assessment and treatment to each individual, regardless of their age of ability to verbalize pain. “

Last month the company introduced an updated version, PainChek Universal. The updated app includes the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS), which means it can now be used with nursing home residents able to report pain.

The report is available free of charge to UK suppliers and professionals.

Liva Healthcare is expanding in Germany

Liva Healthcare, a provider of scalable digital health training, has launched in Germany to help combat the growing number of people living there with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Your human training program is designed to help people control their condition and develop healthier, longer-lasting habits. Courtesy of an app, members receive weekly training through videos or texts, and personal health coaches send tailored nutritional tips, exercise plans, and more. In addition, the Liva user community can support and inspire each other.

Stephanie Kaiser, a member of Liva’s scientific advisory board, said: “Digital solutions like Liva can help prevent chronic disease in Germany. By deliberately linking individual counseling, personal exchange, and the outstretched (digital) arm through a very easy-to-use app, Liva becomes a constant companion in patients ’pockets. With this approach, long-term successes are achieved more often and patients’ lives are improved in the long term.

learning increases 13 million euros to accelerate expansion

Swedish healthcare technology company Doctrin has raised 13 million euros (£ 11 million) to fuel its new expansion. Led by existing investors, HealthCap, Swedbank Robur and Capio, Norron Asset Management has also incorporated a special approach to investing for a sustainable society.

The company is one of Sweden’s leading providers of ‘digi-physical’ digital health solutions. It also offers unique medical content for medical history making that allows you to automatically turn the information into a medical report. According to the company, the reports are of such quality that healthcare staff can make medical decisions based on that.

Doctrin has had an expansion in its point of view for some time; earlier this year, the company launched Doctrin Network, a new feature that supports advanced collaboration between healthcare locations. This new launch marked an important step forward in his vision of patient-centered healthcare without barriers. Last year the company expanded into the UK, the Czech Republic and Norway.

Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO of Doctrin, said: “Unlike many digital platforms, which focus on solving the long-term challenge of health, we focus on solving the long-term challenge of health, the lack of resources. We look forward to taking the next step of development to expand into new markets and medical areas. “

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