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The latest Digital Health News industry summary includes news that a Dartford trust is using RV for training and a leading healthcare technology industry in Wales.

The East of England is confident in using technology to improve vaccine service

The trusts of the East of England, James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have implemented a collaborative bank, which allows reserve staff to move between trusts, expanding their supply of personnel trained to administer the vaccine.

The collaborative bank, which is activated through Allocate’s CloudStaff solution, provides trusts with the ability to share qualified, self-registered staff across the region to fill vacancies on the lists without the influx of staff in the electronic staff records.

Nathan Bull, digital business manager for digital manpower at James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The template models for the Covid-19 vaccination program for our two vaccination sites have been complex; and we meant we needed a larger group of qualified and registered staff than our own internal bank.

“The demand for vaccine has also been huge and to make sure we had a skilled and solid staff to keep up with this demand, we needed to expand our options and the support of N&W reservists has been invaluable.

“Using the CloudStaff platform to reserve, deploy and reserve payrolls, hired outside of our organization, at our two vaccination sites has streamlined what could have been a complicated process.”

Darrent Valley Hospital uses VR to train

Darent Valley Hospital, an NHS trust in Dartford, is a pioneer in the use of virtual reality for its protection training.

Supervised by the child protection team, Antser VR is used as a training and development resource for the hospital workforce.

Antser VR offers accelerated learning and understanding of children’s experiences in abusive homes and the needs of these children within or from the care system, immersing the VR user in “real” scenarios.

Sonya Stocker, protection’s older sister, said: “I was able to quickly see how powerful the RV was and how the immersive experience would help staff understand and recognize certain situations with more empathy.”

Alison Alexander, Antser’s strategic director, added: “We are very excited to work with confidence and welcome your innovative approach to how to help your workforce understand the impact of trauma.

“Since we worked with Sonya, other NHS trusts have asked us to use the virtual reality behavior change program to improve their learning and development offering with healthcare professionals, great news for the healthcare industry. health”.

Wales offers first aid technology

West Wales has responded to growing pressures on NHS and social care with new technology-enabled community support for older people and those with home care or health needs.

The solution has reduced social isolation and helped prevent hundreds of ambulance calls during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched two weeks before the first UK-wide closure in March 2020, it is the first project of its kind in the UK. The widespread deployment of digital-supported care has connected more than 1,800 vulnerable people to preventive care, with more than 18,500 proactive wellness calls made in just 3 months of the first block and many more since.

The CONNECT project is led by the Carmarthenshire County Council’s Delta Welfare Team. Work with Tunstall Healthcare, a technology care specialist, to identify potential health and wellness issues at the earliest opportunity and provide care and assistance where and when you need it most.

Support technology includes easy-to-use video calls, Lifeline emergency alarm systems, crash detectors, GPS tracking, and 24/7 access to the appropriate community response service.

The technology also supported more than 8,500 people protecting it during the national closure, ensuring they had access to food, virtual social contact and emergency assistance.

Liverpool 5G Create creates an independent 5G network

The Liverpool 5G Create health, welfare and education project has created an independent private 5G network in and around Liverpool, combining complementary technologies and using unlicensed spectrum.

The project, funded by the £ 200 million 5G testing and testing program from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, means the team has the ability to manage a public sector network with 5G support independently.

It is designed to meet the unique needs of people who rely on life-changing technologies, with responsive problem responses, data security and robustness. Meanwhile, operating on an unlicensed spectrum allows Liverpool 5G to offer free connectivity to people involved in the project and using the technologies.

Liverpool 5G chief technical officer and Andrew Miles, head of marketing at Telet Research, said: “The upgrades we are currently making to our tailored 5G‘ networking network ’means we can offer the same technical capabilities as organizations. more commercially oriented: our backwardness, core, sim, and business relationships with other operators, but they can respond more personally to problems arising from customer service issues.

“We have created the network from scratch, which means that we have been able to adapt it to meet these really specific and truly human needs. Liverpool 5G does not have a legacy of connectivity in people’s homes (like 3G technology, which has historically presented a problem), so it can examine new models that are disruptive to what is currently available in this space. “

Lifelight secures an innovative UK loan for £ 1.2 million

Lifelight has secured a £ 1.2 million continuity loan from the UK to quickly and safely track remote patients of vital signs.

New technology that allows a smartphone or tablet to measure blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate simply by using a patient looking at the device’s built-in camera for 40 seconds.

Lifelight CEO and founder Laurence Pearce said, “Providing remote monitoring of patients and enabling clinicians to understand how their patients are doing remotely is crucial in a post-pandemic world.

“Lifelight is at the forefront of this change and we are delighted to be recognized in this way by Innovate UK.”

Innovate UK received 373 applications, about three times the usual number, and was able to fund 18 projects.

“This is an exciting and crucial step towards changing the scope of care and outcomes for the health of the population in the UK and beyond, combining remote patient monitoring and AI to make health is accessible to everyone through a smart device or standard tablet, ”Pearce added.

The Thrive app receives £ 2.5 million in funding

Thrive Therapeutic Software has closed its last round of funding in a record 10 days, reaching a total of £ 2.5 million.

Thrive is the only NHS-approved workplace wellness app and provides whole-person solutions for workplaces and people who help them overcome stress and take care of their mental health in long term.

The final round of funding included investments from similar firms such as the Sumerian Foundation and Treebeard Trust. Syndicate Room and Wealth Club investment platforms also contributed, and Wealth Club members invested nearly £ 1.5 million in eight days.

Dr. Andrés Fonseca, CEO of Thrive Therapeutic Software, said: “We were impressed by the level of interest in the funding round. We quickly raised £ 1 million from existing investors, both nationally and abroad, which was a true vote of confidence in our model, and we gained an additional £ 1.5 million in just ten days.

“Crucially, we have been able to incorporate partners whose principles reflect our own and we want to use their investment for the benefit of society. Being so subscribed to with stakeholders was also a promising sign, stressing that the world of investing is taking the improvement of mental health benefits seriously. ”

Hospital Services Limited joins the NHS business solutions framework agreement

Hospital Services Limited (HSL) has adhered to the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement for the provision of patient healthcare communications and related IT services.

It will allow the distributor specializing in medical and surgical equipment, consumables and healthcare IT solutions to sell its video solutions to the healthcare sector across the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Through the Framework, HSL will sell its highly secure and innovative video conferencing systems, including its bespoke virtual clinics that can be deployed by inpatients, outpatients, administrative and clinical services in a variety of locations in an easy to understand and browse for all patients and healthcare professionals.

It is one of 15 organizations across the UK on the framework.

Sensyne Health signs an agreement with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine

Sensyne Health has signed its second strategic research agreement in the United States with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM), a partnership between the nonprofit UCHealth healthcare system and the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado.

The agreement will allow for the ethical application of clinical research in AI to improve patient care and accelerate medical research. This is in line with Sensyne’s strategy of building a world-leading industrial-scale healthcare data platform and robust patient data protection.

The adoption of the Sensyne model in the United States represents a growing appetite for the provision of more advanced ethical data with the support of patient information protection.

Under the terms of the agreement, if medical research conducted by Sensyne using CCPM data leads to medical discoveries marketed by Sensyne, CCPM will share a proportion of Sensyne’s revenue generated by that research.

Paul Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, said: “This agreement with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, which covers both genomic and electronic health record data, will allow us to conduct research aimed at a deeper understanding of diseases. and accelerate the development of new drugs in collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners.

“I am thrilled to be working with CCPM and excited about the ability that our growing international data collaboration now offers to the global life sciences research community.”

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