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Not to slaughter, but to nutritious and sustainable food options. California-based Impossible Foods has today (November 18) launched its alternative to pork in Singapore.

Famous restaurants such as Tunglok Signatures, Tim Ho Wan, New Ubin Seafood, De Paolo and Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant will offer Impossible Pork dishes.

Even the bak kwa chain Fragrance has created their version of bak kwa made with Impossible Pork.

“Pork is the second most consumed meat in Singapore and central to many of our favorite recipes,” said Laurent Stevenart, country director of Impossible Foods in Singapore.

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“Impossible Pork replicates the flavor and juiciness of pork pork and is preferred by consumers, but it is much more sustainable. We are delighted to partner with so many fantastic restaurants and chefs to showcase the product’s versatility,” he said. add.

What is Impossible Pork made of?

“Pork” is made from a combination of soy protein concentrate, coconut oil and sunflower oil. It also contains soy leghemoglobin, a vegetable protein that transports hemp, which makes the product taste “meaty.”

Compared to conventional pig breeding, manufacturing meat of vegetable origin uses much less water and land. It also generates 77% less greenhouse gas emissions.

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It is also less fatty, with a meat-to-fat ratio of 70:30. Compared to real pork, Impossible Pork is said to have more protein, calories and cholesterol.

What dishes can I try?

Tim Ho Wan will serve Impossible Pork on his dim sum dishes, while New Ubin Seafood will serve it in a clay pot with brinjal.

Tunglok Signatures sells Impossible Pork served with pancakes and fresh fruit ($ 12.80). There is also the Impossible Cracker (S $ 12.00), which are thin slices of fried meat and the Impossible Pork in spicy sauce (S $ 13.00 or S $ 26.00).

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Da Paolo Group sells the Impossible Pork Pizza (S $ 35.00) which includes sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomato sauce.

Other pork alternatives on the market include pork from Singapore-based starter Karana, which is made with jackfruit, Hong Kong’s OmniFoods OmniMeat and Los Angeles Beyond Meat sausages.

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