Illumina and Syapse partner to research biomarker testing in oncology practices

What you should know:

Syapse, a real – world testing company that reports cancer care, announced a partnership with Illuminate aimed at assessing real-world adoption and the capacity for action of the comprehensive genomic profile in the environment of the Community oncology healthcare system.

– Together, the two companies will work to better understand biomarker testing patterns among physicians, which have become critical in identifying treatment options for cancer patients. The knowledge gained from this collaboration can ultimately help to achieve a higher level of care in oncology through real-world evidence, ensuring that patients receive specific and effective therapy in oncology. the earliest possible stage of your treatment journey and potentially eliminating the need for other diagnostic procedures that can be inconvenient, costly and painful, such as repeated biopsies.

Importance of biomarker testing

Biomarker testing is used not only to select the most appropriate targeted cancer therapy available on the market for a particular patient, but also to determine if a patient’s best course of action is to receive experimental therapy as part. of a clinical trial. Thus, biomarker testing is critical to the future of research, development, evaluation, and application of precision medicine and, by extension, Syapse’s dedication to the full potential of care. of the real world.

“It has become clear that the ability of all patients to receive personalized care through the application of real-world evidence is critical to the global fight against cancer,” said Dr. Phil Febbo, Medical Director of Illumina. “The knowledge gained from this collaboration can help make it a reality by improving clinical decision-making, both at the level of the provider and the healthcare system, and ultimately by enhancing the delivery of precision cancer care.”


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