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After dedicating your heart and soul to music creation, are you left confused about getting the audience? Many talented musicians do not come to the spotlight because despite having brilliant potential, they do not know how to promote their music. A good product or service is useless if no one knows about its existence. Great music combined with great marketing is the right recipe for success. However, most upcoming musicians are not in a position to spend big on marketing their music. is an affordable music promotion service for new and small musicians with a limited budget who would like to get their music broadcasted to music lovers.

If you have ever searched online for the keyword “how to promote your music?”, then you would have come across the following strategies for promoting your music:

1) Build a website and upload your music there.

2) Increase your social presence and then promote your music to followers.

3) Upload your music to music based sites and forums.

4) Partner with music blogs and advertise on these blogs.

5) Get your music on top music streaming sites.

6) Take advantage of music PR sites.

The above-given methods are too general and time-consuming. In reality, making a website or a social profile and expecting people to find it out somehow doesn’t get substantial results because there are already millions of sites and social profiles out there online and adding one more to it doesn’t make any sense unless there is additional marketing done to increase its visibility. Promoting your music on Soundcloud, social media, Spotify, YouTube or any other music-oriented site takes the right marketing steps and skills to get your music being noticed by others. Additionally, most music promotion services and companies charge exorbitant prices which makes it impossible for new musicians to avail their service. has launched a free consultative service for musicians to inform them on marketing their music online. Any musician who is eager to get his music broadcasted can contact us to get advice on the next and the most crucial step of music marketing.

About is a music promotion service geared towards helping new musicians in getting the right marketing and visibility.

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