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Having your own blog is fun, modern and cost effective. However, for your blog to make money, you need to know at least several website monetization techniques and be patient. We’re here to familiarize you with one of the most popular modern options for earning your blog.

Affiliate income is not only one of the best ways to make money by blogging, but also one of the easiest. This is why it is preferable for those who are just starting to monetize their website. The idea of ​​affiliate marketing is to promote specific products through a special affiliate link. Every time a reader clicks on such a link on your blog they visit your affiliate partner’s site and make a purchase, you receive a payment. It doesn’t seem very complicated, does it? So why not try it with one of the world’s leading retailers?

Amazon Affiliate Program: How Does It Work?

Amazon is a large trading empire with millions of buyers, merchants and partners worldwide. It’s a reliable and reputable source, so the idea of ​​participating in Amazon’s affiliate program is an excellent decision. The official name of this program is Amazon Associates and all its requirements are quite easy to meet.

Steps to start your own affiliate program

Amazon’s affiliate business was created for content creators and bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you run a site designed with the help of a service like Boxmode Website Builder or a mobile app, you will still have the opportunity to participate. There’s also a special offer for influencers who run their blog based on social media, have a certain number of followers, and want to make money as Amazon affiliates. In fact, there are only three to be part of Amazon Associates.

Sign up

First, you will need to create your affiliate account on the official Amazon website. After filling out the form, each participant will receive an individual ID. The procedure ends with the approval of your application.


Choosing a product to promote is an important aspect of your success. Select items based on your blog topic. You will surely find dozens of suitable options on Amazon. Don’t forget to use the affiliate link in your promotional text.

To earn money

Each user who uses your affiliate link to make a purchase on Amazon will provide you with revenue.

During the process of creating your affiliate account, you should share information such as a description of your website or application, explaining how you drive traffic and how many visitors you have per month. You will also be asked to enter your tax information and preferred payment method.

Creating affiliate links

Writing a motivating post or uploading an inspirational photo is unfortunately not enough to make money as a participant in an affiliate program. Each promotional text must include a unique link that will lead your readers to a product page on Amazon. You must follow several steps to create this link:

  • Log in to your personal Amazon Associate account.
  • Find the product you need. Here you will need to use the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), which is required to specify items through the Amazon catalog. This can be found in the product description. There is also the option to search the product through the catalog manually.
  • Click the “Go” button and you will have the link generated!

Another way to create a link and save you time is to use Amazon Associates SiteStripe, which will appear below the URL line on any product page at the time you sign in to your account.

Amazon Associates Requirements

To avoid disappointing your cooperation with Amazon as an affiliate and receiving the money you earn, it is essential to read the program requirements carefully.

  1. You should let your readers know that you can make money with your website recommendations;
  2. Your references should not be misleading;
  3. No need to mention prices, as they tend to change;
  4. An affiliate link should only be used on the website or application connected to your Amazon Associates account.
  5. The affiliate link cannot be entered with the use of any URL shortener.

Before placing a link to the promotional text on your website, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Amazon policy.

How to charge

Driving referral traffic to Amazon’s site is the main idea of ​​the affiliate program. The commission is paid when users of your site follow the affiliate link and make a purchase on Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate commission rate, however, varies by different product groups. For example, you can receive 20% off each sale if you promote products in the Amazon Games category.

There is no limit to the number of links created per affiliate per month. There is also no deadline or expiration date for any links issued. However, there is a trick to paying income. The system will send the commission using the payment method you have chosen during registration 60 days after the month for which you actually paid. So, for example, in July, you will receive the commission you earned in May.


Being a content creator in our digital age is not just about passionate text and amazing images. Any kind of creation can be a source of income. The only thing is to find your way to profit. Amazon’s affiliate program can be your great start. Profitable cooperation with a well-known and highly trusted company can bring not only steady revenue, but even more new partners. Try your hand at product promotion, motivate your readers and make money with every click!

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