How to increase productivity in the midst of rising hybrid labor trends


The hybrid workplace is the new reality, but the lines between work and play are blurring even further with the acceleration of digitization at breakneck speed. While some thrive on this new deal, many face challenges.

The Microsoft Work Trend Index (WTI) 2021, which uncovers hybrid work trends during the pandemic, revealed that 49% of Singapore’s workforce is considering leaving their employer this year.

The index also revealed the trends that contribute, including the needs of workers for flexible and continuous remote work, leaders are out of touch with the way employees find themselves, and high productivity masks a workforce. exhausted.

Focused on helping organizations maximize hybrid work models, the Index outlined the results of a study of more than 30,000 people in 31 countries, including Singapore.

With the support of exclusive research and expert knowledge, it shows how employees cope with changes in their current work arrangements and what leaders can do to better support their employees.

Post-pandemic: a new reality for most

Last year we witnessed companies move from working in offices to working remotely. This disruption created an early emotional boost in the potential benefits of working remotely: new job opportunities for some and more family time for most.

Flexible and hybrid work models now define the post-pandemic workplace and employees want the best of both worlds: more face-to-face time (66%) and continued choices of whether or when to travel (82%).

The conclusions of the data are clear. Employees want to control where, when and how they work and expect companies to provide options.

It is critical to recognize this rapid transformation in the way we work and consider shaping the employee environment to achieve greater productivity in the new work model, including collaboration, learning, and well-being.

Invest in the right tool to succeed in the hybrid work model / Image Credit: Microsoft

Being able to be seamlessly connected, regardless of location, is critical to the success of the hybrid work model. The right (or portable) tool to master flexible work will be the key.

Ready for uninterrupted equipment calls and reliable security with built-in OneDrive cloud storage, the Surface Laptop 4 has an all-day battery life of 19 hours to accompany you from the kitchen table to the office to the cafeteria and beyond.

How to combat digital exhaustion while working remotely

remote work
Remote Operation / Image Credit: Microsoft

Since remote work is the default for most, it’s not uncommon to have meetings outside the office or receive an email at 10 p.m. The lines between work and personal life have blurred, which often results in longer working hours than before.

The index also highlighted that the high productivity of employees working remotely has resulted in an exhausted workforce. 58% of Singapore workers feel they are overworked, and 49% feel exhausted.

Aggregated by the speed and urgency of virtual work, digital statics (the gap between what you try to communicate online and what the person receiving the message understands) has helped increase fatigue, anxiety, and exhaustion. .

In addition to introducing regular breaks at work to reduce exhaustion, it is equally important to build social capital, encourage collaborations between teams and work networks to support greater productivity and innovation.

Combating digital exhaustion from the top through analysis and statistics on how employees work can help leaders build a better job.

With Workplace Analytics at Microsoft Viva Insights, administrators and leaders have access to anonymous information about the well-being of the team and the organization. This helps them keep the pulse on things like meeting overload or weekend work while rethinking employee experiences.

Be equipped with good technological hardware

Hybrid work does not mean that offices become obsolete.

Instead, it challenges business leaders and employers to carefully consider how they can improve the office for hybrid work, while rethinking policies to encourage and strengthen employee morale and engagement. This requires a plan that puts people at the center and includes politics, physical space, and technology.

Beyond demanding to unite the physical and digital world of the team, organizations need to make sure that people are equipped with good technological hardware to fully participate from home, in the office, on the move or from of the manufacturing plant.

laptop surface microsoft surface 4
Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop / Image Credit: Microsoft

With a state-of-the-art design in the Surface Laptop 4, it’s easier to capture ideas on the PixelSense ™ high-resolution touch screen when it inspires or test its serious multitasking capabilities with the power of the (processor) to do so everything from creative applications. to casual games.

As virtual meetings become commonplace these days, a laptop with a good webcam and microphone is just as important as dressing appropriately for a customer meeting.

With a high-definition front-facing camera (even in low light) and two built-in Studio microphones that can reduce background noise, the Surface Laptop 4 will be your trusted ally.

The Way to Go With Your Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop

laptop surface microsoft surface 4
Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop / Image Credit: Microsoft

Whether you are for or against the future of hybrid labor, it is inevitable that hybrid labor will be the default, as countries and economies will slowly recover from the pandemic.

While the challenges of the new phase of work, such as digital depletion and overwork, are inevitable, there are hopes for future recovery as hybrid work becomes the norm.

The future of the workplace will also see employees and employers adopt a balance of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, giving people more flexibility to collaborate in meetings where creativity and dynamic issues take precedence, while alleviating informative and technical topics in long-term documentary collaboration, or through team channels or email.

With the principles of sustainability built into Microsoft devices, the new Surface Laptop 4 is designed to minimize the impact on people and the planet.

In addition to reinventing the product lifecycle, Microsoft also helps companies and employees perform tasks with style, performance, and speed while reducing the carbon footprint.

Just as we have adapted to the new realities of the workplace, our hardware must also evolve.

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This article was written in collaboration with Microsoft.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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