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It’s no secret that Google is the gateway to the web; after all, the company name has become synonymous with search. However, Google also consistently maintains the crown of the most visited website on the Internet.

In the SimilarWeb list of the ten most visited websites in the world, only two other search engines appear, Baidu and Yandex. Headquartered in China and Russia, respectively, these other search engines are primarily created to serve these markets, so their appearance on the global leaderboard says a lot about their power in these markets.

Sitting on top of the website rankings, Google is the only search engine on the list with a truly global audience.

This position is also consistent. According to any number of indexes, each with its own method of measuring traffic, it seems that Google always ranks first. How do they achieve this, when the whole purpose of the site is to help users find other websites?

Of course, since Google is right on this side of the search market monopoly (about 91% worldwide i more than 87% in the United States), it is reasonable that the site receives a lot of traffic. However, things get a little complicated if you consider the growing number of features on search engine results pages (SERPs) that are designed to answer questions without having to visit a different site.

Featured snippets, local results, and related searches provide users with ways to get their information directly from Google results …

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