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It is likely that business owners in Singapore, whether a startup, an SME or a large corporation, should interact with government agencies at some point in their business journey.

For some of them, it is monthly or annual. And when they do, they are sometimes unsure of which agency to go to or what the regulatory process is around them.

As such, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) has worked very closely with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Office of Digital Government and Smart Nation (SNDGO) for the past six years to understand the challenges companies face, especially when it comes to it. to interact with the government.

This is what led to the creation of GoBusiness, a unique platform that provides Singapore businesses with integrated, personalized and seamless access to government resources and services.

GoBusiness was first launched in October 2019 as GoBusiness Licensing to simplify licensing applications for the food services sector in Singapore.

To date, it has benefited more than 2,800 F&B business owners and a monthly average of about 100 F&B companies have used GoBusiness Licensing.

Stimulated by the success of this F&B initiative, it motivated the team to continue to improve the platform to provide better support to all Singapore companies; it is not limited to the F&B sector.

In 2020, the platform was expanded to include GoBusiness government assistance in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which helps companies navigate government support schemes.

GoBusiness is part of Smart Nation’s global vision and reflects the government’s commitment to promoting a business-friendly environment in Singapore.

There are three promises GoBusiness aims to achieve: helping companies find the information they need more easily and quickly, helping them connect that information and services in the form of a guided tour so they know what steps to take and what they have to do. after each step and finally proactively notifies and updates companies with the latest news and information.

Get help with every step of your business journey

The key idea is to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey, from starting a business, running a business, growing a business or starting a business.

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When they start a business, especially for beginners, they often don’t realize that beyond the registration process, there are often many more things to do that follow immediately, such as trademark registration, opening an account. Corppass and license applications.

And those who have a physical store, may end up paying the rent even before they can open the store just because they discover they have to embark on some regulatory processes before they can start their business.

As such, GoBusiness wants to help companies not only speed up their registration process, but also get off to a good start by providing them with essential information and tools.

When companies start operating, there are regulatory requirements that they must meet when it comes to financial statements, tax reports, labor management, training, among others.

There’s also the exciting, but uncertain, part about growth, expansion, and transformation.

GoBusiness wants to reduce friction when it comes to such regulatory requirements and increase the accessibility of government support.

Even in some unfortunate cases where some companies do not take off, it wants to make it easier for companies to close their activities and streamline business obligations, such as payroll and termination.

Access to more than 300 government services to companies on a single platform

MTI and SNDGG announced today (November 17) that GoBusiness will be improved to create a more seamless business experience, with features to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses and a guide for existing business owners to apply for relevant licenses and grants.

Companies will benefit from a custom dashboard that will support users throughout the business journey. With the board, companies will have easy and integrated access to more than 300 services between companies.

It allows them to register new businesses, apply for licenses, and receive recommendations on appropriate government assistance programs.

From January 2022, users will be able to access the dashboard by logging in through Singpass and selecting the unique entity number (UEN) or business number of their company.

gobusiness control panel
GoBusiness Control Panel / Image Credit: GovTech

Once logged in, they will be able to see the information that is most relevant to them and see their corporate profile and see some of the transactions they have made with various government agencies.

At a glance, they can also see what are some of the key activities they need to act on immediately or what are some activities that are still ongoing.

Users can access a step-by-step custom guide on how to register their business, as well as complete the incorporation of their business within the same transaction.

Upon completion of company registration, the user will receive suggestions on what to do next, including applying for relevant licenses and grants.

Companies can access and apply for more than 200 licenses, in different sectors, from various government agencies through the dashboard, without having to visit separate portals. In the same space, companies can also modify, renew, or cancel existing licenses.

Through the dashboard, companies can also track the status of their license application and be asked if any action is required.

The dashboard is also integrated with a notification system so companies never miss another opportunity or deadline.

Another interesting part of the board is its recommendations feature, which offers a number of personalized recommendations, such as suggestions for relevant grants.

In their conversations with companies as part of their research process, the team found that companies are often unaware of an existing government scheme and often thought they were not eligible for a particular scheme, so they end up not doing so. do not use.

As such, GoBusiness hopes to address this issue through its recommendation engine.

Get relevant e-Advisors recommendations

In addition to the dashboard, users can access various electronic advisors available on GoBusiness without logging in. This is something that companies can already start using.

E-Advisors will provide users with new or potential relevant recommendations on business structure, business creation, facility usage checks, and event organization.

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If they answer a few simple questions, new business owners can receive information to help them decide which business structure best suits their needs.

New businesses can also check the availability of their preferred business name or proposed business names as usernames on social media channels.

They can also learn about Singapore’s standard industrial classification code for their business activities, as well as receive recommendations on the steps to register your business in Singapore.

In addition, companies can conveniently check the use of the premises and the change of land user with the e-Adviser. Aim companies at the appropriate government agency for approval for the use of commercial space.

Companies can also find out if change of use approval is required by entering the addresses of their preselected properties and answering a few simple questions.

Meanwhile, companies wishing to host events in Singapore can also use the e-Adviser to navigate the regulatory landscape.

By answering a few simple questions, companies can receive a set of licensing recommendations and secure management measures for their event.

These short questionnaires are required for the e-advisor to generate recommendations, and some of the fields such as the corporate profile will be filled in beforehand so that users do not have to waste time filling in their data multiple times.

The local business community plays a key role in the formation of GoBusiness

These improvements to GoBusiness were developed in close collaboration with the Singapore business community.

More than 500 business users from various sectors, including food services, e-commerce, retail and events, have been consulted over the past two years through research, user testing and independent studies.

By providing regular feedback from companies, MTI’s Pro-Enterprise panel has been instrumental in ensuring that the new features introduced in GoBusiness are developed according to what companies need.

GoBusiness will continue to improve its website and progressively deploy new features. As part of their co-creation process, companies can also suggest a feature they would like to see on their future board.

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