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Mandy Chan was only 19 when she founded Bow, which has since been changed to The Bold Company. Despite his young age, he succeeded finance in full the company’s first product, the Quiver Bag, on Kickstarter in just three days.

When Vulcan Post first spoke with Mandy in 2019, Bow had sold more than 10,000 bags, shipped its products to customers in more than 26 countries, and raised more than $ 130,000 through crowdfunding platforms.

He also revealed that the company was earning nearly half a million dollars in sales at the time.

Six years after its founding in 2015, The Bold Company has achieved a number of other milestones.

The new Pytho Kickstarter backpack

Mandy and her team felt frustrated that the market’s backpacks were “full of bells and whistles, with little or insufficient attention to day-to-day functionality.”

He considered that existing bags were not able to adapt to the lifestyle of modern urbanites who have various daily activities, from work, to social activities, to going to the gym.

Since the team could not find a bag where all the functions and design elements were suitable for everyday use, they decided to create one.

So the team started playing with the “less is more” theme. They wanted to make sure the bag could adapt to their changing needs and the necessary loads. It had to be smaller when they had a clear day and bigger when the occasion called for it.

The idea of ​​a compression system came to my mind, where the shape of the bag could easily change depending on the needs of the user.

Some problems with the traditional compression systems found in the bags of large backpacks were that they used to be hard-shelled and too heavy for everyday use, or that they only had two variants: compressed or expanded.

Image credit: The Bold Company

The team tried to fix it by experimenting with magnets. However, they found that it was too weak to hold the compression together. Then they tried the buckles, but the user experience was not pleasant for everyday use.

The “eureka” moment came when it happened that a passenger at the train station adjusted the length of his bag and decided to double the traction action in horizontal motion.

This was the birth of Pythopatent pending compression system.

The Bold Company Pytho Bag
Image credit: The Bold Company

Designed to meet the needs of active planners, Pytho is an ultra-easy-to-use, volume-changing backpack with patent-pending compression straps that optimizes packing space in your daily transportation.

You can easily walk from the gym, office and to your weekend accommodation with a minimal backpack.

Make Pytho a reality in the midst of Covid-19

Due to the situation of Covid-19, the team had to create the bag without going down to the facilities of its manufacturer in China.

Mandy told Vulcan Post that she had to do video calls and WeChat almost daily to explain her vision of Pytho.

“We got to do performances and countless sketches to explain the whole process, as well as mock-ups in Singapore to show them how it could be done, when they kept saying it was impossible,” Mandy said.

However, this was not the end of his problems. After weeks of planning, discussing, and filming the kickstarter video and photos with Pytho, the team experienced a sudden breakthrough.

The Bold Company Pytho Bag
Image credit: The Bold Company

Instead of making the expanded Pytho only 25% larger than the compressed version, they came up with a design that could double the capacity of Pytho while using the same materials.

In a large company, it would not have been at all open to reverse the launch and redo everything. Still, Bold is a young company with few resources.

The team had to choose between redoing everything from scratch with the newly designed bag or settling for the old Pytho.

Also, just a couple of days in advance, Singapore entered another one-month closure. This meant that shooting photos and videos of the new Pytho design would not go according to the projected timeline.

They had to decide quickly and chose to swallow the bitter pill and start again. With the help of the Pandastic Media team and Kyt Studio, they re-filmed the Kickstarter video and made new product captures in record time.

Fully funded in just two hours

The Bold Company Pytho Bag
Image credit: The Bold Company

Pytho Kickstarter page was launched on June 29 at 22:30 and reached its target of S $ 15,000 in just two hours.

For the first hour, the Pytho backpack and the Dopp kit cost $ 294. After advance pricing, sponsors would have to pay $ 314 S.

The Dopp kit is a practical, detachable bag that allows you to store everything from toiletries to basic products.

In addition to its patent-pending compression system, Pytho also includes a combination of the best aspects of Bold’s other backpacks, in addition to the ergonomics of a hiking package.

Aside from backpacks, The Bold Company has also entered the garment industry with the launch of Anchor last year on its Kickstarter campaign.

He also partnered with gym giant Fitness First, where all Fitness First uniforms have the joint Bold Merchandise brand. The team has also gathered some interest in the investment and is now in funding talks.

“We are working to become a platform that allows people to live a more daring life through three pillars: technology, equipment and education,” Mandy said.

If you want to see Pytho, it is available at Vice President Label at an exclusive price:

Featured Image Credit: The Bold Company

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