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Taking CBD oil has been a well-kept secret by some holistic health professionals for many years. This is because CBD has a wide range of hemp properties. While you won’t find a single approach, this is the basis of holistic health. We will explore why CBD oil is the holistic health approach; and which products work best for your preferences.

What is holistic health?

This has often been associated with alternative and natural medicine. However, Holistic Health focuses on wellness and prevention, and not necessarily on disease treatment. Holistic health professionals often incorporate other forms of self-care. Therefore, holistic health focuses on a person’s overall health rather than a specific treatment.

The holistic health approach incorporates 5 aspects of personal health that include: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social. Keep in mind that reading holistic approaches is great, but you’ll want to see your doctor for any medical conditions you come across. Although more and more doctors are incorporating Holistic Health into their practice.

Holistic CBD oil

You will find CBD oil under the physical and emotional aspects of holistic health. This is due in part to the different properties of Full Spectrum CBD tinctures to own.


The physical part of holistic health incorporates things like exercise and eating well. Also, avoid fried and high sugary drinks. This means that a CBD oil tincture is ideal for a healthy diet; due to the fact that our CBD tinctures have no added sugars. This means you can add CBD to your drinks and other healthy foods by avoiding processed sugars.


The emotional aspect includes finding ways to manage stress. CBD encourages you to take it easy and relax with some CBD products when you relax. This may include sitting down to a cup of tea with some CBD and devoting time to it. Although talking to someone can help a lot; and we encourage you to seek professional help if you have problems with depression.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Some of the benefits of taking CBD oil include the fact that it does not form habits and is not psychoactive. In other words, it can’t make you drug yourself no matter how much you take. This is because for CBD to be legal, it must have 0.03 THC or less. In addition, most high-quality CBD is non-toxic and is tested by third-party agencies for heavy metals.

One of the main reasons CBD oil is used in holistic health is because it comes from the hemp plant. The extraction process is very minimal and most products do not contain artificial ingredients, although some must. In addition, there are different properties associated with different extraction methods that include:

Full spectrum CBD

This is CBD which contains all the properties of the hemp plant which include cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes. If you are looking for all the properties of the hemp plant, Full Spectrum CBD is a great choice.

CBD isolated

This is the purest form of CBD because it has been isolated from all the other properties of hemp. If you are looking for CBD products with the least amount of THC, CBD isolates are the way to go. Although the amount of THC in Full Spectrum is not enough to get you drugged; you may not feel comfortable with any amount of THC. However, CBD Isolate may still contain small traces of THC, but it may be so minimal that it may be undetectable.

CBD oil products

CBD oil products

Finding the perfect CBD oil products can be a daunting task, but it is very rewarding. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying CBD that include the type of product and the method of use. There is full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolated, and so on. that each offers its own benefits.

CBD oil tinctures

A tincture is a CBD oil concentrate that you can take sublingually or add to a drink. They are made with very simple ingredients that include Full Spectrum CBD, MCT oil (carrier agent), hemp seed oil, essential oils and terpenes. They are one of the most popular products we carry Wild CBD.

CBD topics

Another great product are the CBD topics, this is the CBD you can apply to your skin. You can choose between a balm, a lotion and a roll-on. All of these products work very well and are generally applied to the areas of your body that you want to target with CBD.


Holistic Health CBD Oil - Conclusion

In conclusion, using CBD oil is great if you are considering using a holistic health approach. While CBD oil itself is natural, you will want to find it best CBD oil that works for you. This may include choosing between full or isolated spectrum. Also, the type of product like CBD oil tinctures or CBD topicals. Whatever your preference, it is very likely that we have something that suits your lifestyle.

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