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Is it officially the sales season? Are you someone who does your shopping early or saves them for the last minute?

This post is sponsored by Walmart and they have amazing deals for this season, including theirs Offer days for first time buyers.

You can see the full poster here, but I share some of my best options to help you with your shopping this week Walmart bidding days start online tonight (11/10) at 7pm EST and in stores on the 12th / 11).

Probably my favorite item available at a great discount is this turntable. Turntables are a super nostalgic gift for me, as it was the first gift Jeremy and I made our first Christmas together. Since then we love collecting records!

I always say that a turntable is the gift that never stops giving because once you have a turntable, you can always get records for any party or birthday in the future.

As of 7:00 PM EST tonight, this turntable will be on sale for $ 35! It’s lightweight and plugs into any Bluetooth speaker, so you can miss a turntable with the convenience of Bluetooth sound!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

This sale is so much fun! There are really a variety of items that will help you shop for everyone on your list. Airpods are on sale for $ 89 and registrations starting at $ 15!

Additional items you may want from Walmart offer days

How long does the sale last?

The sale will run until November 14th

What time does the sale start in stores?

5 am (or local opening hours)

Where is my nearest Walmart?

You can use theirs Store locator to find your nearest location!

Happy shopping! Let me know your best findings / offers in the comments! xo, Elsie

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