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Because the pandemic still lasts, many of us stay home, whether it’s to work, study, or play. Some families have found it an opportune time to do so join up through activities and games.

If you’re looking for games to play together with your kids or friends, we’ve put together a few locally made ones so you can #sapotlokal while having fun at home.

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1. Claw Stars (iOS, Android – Free)

In Claw Stars, you play as a sensitive hamster in a quest to save some of your fellow animals. As you can guess from the screenshots, it works similarly to other claw games seen in the arcade room. Move the claw left or right and click a button to get the prizes listed below.

But instead of stuffed toys, what you get from the prizes are gems, coins, animals, and so on. Coins can be used to build better habitats for the animals you save from the claw (think of yourself as the claw that saves Toy Story aliens). Once you have finished building a habitat, you will move to a new planet and save a lot of other animals.

Still, this is not the only interesting game. Some of the claw’s prizes allow for the abduction of animals or the blocking of other players’ habitats. A kidnapped animal will give you coins and the player who has the kidnapped animals will have to pay a ransom to release them.

So if you have a few friends or family added to the game, you can play against each other and see who can be the best space hamster. The game is developed by AppXplore, and we already have it has reviewed some of them of their games in the past as well.

2. Agent Ali: Agents’ Arena (iOS, Android – Free)

In Ejen Ali: Agents’ Arena, you can play as the favorite agent of the animated series in a 3v3 (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) MOBA, similar to games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor and Vainglory.

Alice’s Game: Video Credit: Rio Favian on Youtube

All agents also have their own abilities and attributes. Like other MOBAs, your goal is to fight the other team and maintain checkpoints. The more control points you have, the more score you will get. The game ends when a team scores 100 or when the stopwatch ends.

If you are a fan of Ejen Ali and have played MOBA in the past, it is a simple game that can be played with or with friends and family. The game is developed by Common Extract and published by Media Prima.

3. Eximius: Take advantage of the first line (PC /Steam – RM51)

For families with slightly older children, Eximius: Seize The Frontline is a mixed-genre PC game, combining both elements of RTS (real-time strategy) and FPS (first-person shooter) into a single game. It is developed by Ammobox Studios, another local gaming studio.

In Eximius, you play as one of the officers of the two military factions in the game. The officer mainly experiences the game in FPS: running, shooting and securing checkpoints. The RTS genre of the game only comes when you are selected as the commander of this round, which will allow you to place buildings, build units and ask for help to help your team to victory.

Multiplayer, you can create your own lobby to play with family or friends or fight robots and other players. You can read our review here to get a deeper insight into the game.

4. Rhythm Doctor (PC /Steam – RM33)

Unlike most games on this list, where it’s just a non-stop action, Rhythm Doctor puts you in the shoes of a hospital inmate, in charge of a new medical process. As its name suggests, Rhythm Doctor is a rhythm game that can be played with just the click of a button. But don’t be fooled. The game can get tough, so don’t expect it to be a ride.

One of the songs in the game, you need to tap the seventh rhythm button / Video Credit: BluPen

There are a variety of musical genres in the game, ranging from rapid EDM to cold beats. Multiplayer, the game allows you to tackle the stories together in cooperative mode or challenge each other through a multiplayer battle. The game is developed by 7th Beat Games.

Honorable mentions

While these games are not made locally or are new, we will include them here as possible suggestions for ideal fun for families. Your kids are probably already obsessed with Roblox, but here are other alternatives you can enjoy with them.

  1. Active arcade: While most of the games on the list are the ones you can play sitting down, Active Arcade gamifies the exercise experience. You’ll do things like jump and get to the boxes, use your arms for Whack-A-Mole and squat positions, no need for extra equipment, just make sure you have room to move. The game also has a 2-player mode where you and your friends and family can play side by side.
You’ll have to move around a lot / Image Credit: NEX Lab

2. Butter Royale: Butter Royale is a Battle Royale game, but with a touch of cooking added. The game is only available in Apple Arcade, but if you have subscribed to it, it’s worth picking it up. The characters are friendly, are full of puns, and even include a favorite speaker for fans, named Cesar Salads, who makes funny jokes. The game is also fast-paced, and for safety-conscious parents, there’s no voice or text chat, so your kids won’t be exposed to unwanted comments from strangers.

A screenshot of Butter Royale / Image credit: Mighty Bear Games A screenshot of Butter Royale / Image credit: Mighty Bear Games

3. Pokémon Go: I’m sure you’ve walked through a mall or even walked around a corner before the pandemic hit and you’ll see people grouped around key points holding up phones throwing pokeballs. Despite being a relatively “old” game released in 2016, many still touch it to this day. With the upgrade that allows players to play from home, the whole family can work together, catch them all, and fight raids. And once we can get out again safely, this game can encourage extra exercise to track gym locations.

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