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Florida is known as the “state of the sun” for its amazing climate. While time is an important attraction for some people, others choose to move to this state because of job opportunities. The opportunities are many in this state, with so many well-paid jobs for anyone with the skills and qualifications. Regardless of the industry you specialize in, you will be able to find work in Florida, but the question now is what are the main professions in this state? This article will analyze the main professions you can pursue if you decide to move to Florida.

  1. Functions of general manager

The brain behind the running of any business or company is the CEO. No person in any establishment has as much power as a CEO. They are the face of the organization and are chosen by shareholders and board members. Key tasks include communicating with and following board members, corporate decision making, and resource management. The average salary of a CEO in Florida is between $ 50,000 and $ 180,000 each year.

  1. Aviation engineers and aircraft pilots

The second top procession that can be achieved in the state of Florida are aircraft pilots and aviation engineers. These are people who fix, navigate, and fly airplanes, planes, and helicopters in and out of Florida. At the entry level, the salary he will earn is about $ 100,000, while those with years of experience in his belt earn up to $ 226,000.

  1. Work in the judicial system

Magistrates arbitrate, lawyers, judges, administrators …

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