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Hair loss has become increasingly common among men and women. Although the primary reason is genetic, it can be caused by many other factors, including a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, aging, hormonal imbalance, or chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, hypertension, and depression. 

People experiencing hair loss have to deal with a host of other problems that come with hair loss. Often hair loss can take a toll on your confidence level and lead to low self-esteem. 

The good news is that the hair growth industry has come a long way and has several procedures and treatments for hair loss. The most common of them are hair replacement and hair transplants. 

Both these treatments are promising and deliver on their promises of hair growth and clients are often torn between the two. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants hair from an area of your scalp to another part where the hair loss is evident. 

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On the other hand, a hair replacement system is a non-surgical procedure and a nearly instant solution to anyone. It allows you to experiment with hair color, style, density, length, or texture, making it very popular. 

Hair Loss Treatment Options for Men

Hair loss is a major concern for many men and women. According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 35, approximately two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss and by the age of 50, as many as 85% of men experience hair loss and thinning. This statistic only goes on to say that hair loss is a concern for most men.

Preventing hair loss is the first step to a hair loss treatment. To be able to prevent something one should understand the underlying cause of the problem. Some of the common ways of prevention are a healthy and balanced diet, proper hair care, and changing any medication with a side effect of hair loss. These small changes will help you with healthier hair and a slower rate of hair loss or hair thinning.

There are also several treatments that many men turn to for a more permanent solution, which are discussed in the article. They all aim to improve hair growth or promote regrowth to meet your requirements. 

Hair Replacement Option in Dallas

For those people who have already tried all treatments possible but still suffer from hair loss and baldness, Dallas Hair Replacement Studio, Folicure, offers a hair replacement system that yields results that cannot be achieved through painful transplants or expensive and potentially dangerous chemical solutions.

Folicure Solutions can easily be reached through (214) 691-5700 and people can visit them on their website at  They also have a direct contact form wherein a potential customer can enter his or her personal information to start a free consultation.

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