Gummy vitamins may contain metal mesh


Check your medicine cabinet: some Vitafusion gummy products are recovered because they may be contaminated with metal mesh. The manufacturer of household products, Church & Dwight, warns anyone who has bought certain batches of the following vitamins not to eat them:

  • Vitafusion Kids Melatonin (50 counts)

  • Vitafusion fiber well (220 counts)

  • VitaFusion SleepWell (250 counts)

  • Vitafusion MultiVites (150 counts)

  • Melatonin Vitafusion (44 counts)

  • Melatonin Vitafusion (140 counts)

  • Vitafusion fiber well (90 points)

Voluntary withdrawal only includes gummy vitamins with these specific universal product codes (UPCs) and batch codes. No other products are affected. Church & Dwight claims the jelly beans could have been sold in stores or online from November 13, 2020 to April 9, 2021. There are no confirmed reports that anyone has been injured or sick from the vitamins, but, in severe cases, a metal product has been eaten. the material can cause damage to the digestive tract, according to a company statement. Anyone who has purchased the vitamins can contact the Church & Dwight Consumer Affairs team at 800-981-4710 for a full refund before disposing of the product.


FDA: “Church & Dwight initiates voluntary withdrawal of select vitamins due to an isolated manufacturing problem.”

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