Grow Virtual Bud with Real B


Cypress Hill’s real hip hop businessman B and his alter ego, cannabis grower OG, Dr. Greenthumb, they do it again. After launching a successful chain of rapidly expanding cannabis retail stores across California and a fully automated large-scale cultivation system THC Controls, the unstoppable entrepreneur launched an idle game.

The object of the game is to make the growers under management grow better shoots, a subject that is in the brand with the B cannabis infusion lifestyle.

He called B Real’s Monster Buds, the game is available in Canada and the UK.

It is too available with early access via Google Play Store and the apple store in the United States.

When asked what inspired the cannabis trade to expand into the gaming industry, B Real replied: “I’m very excited to be part of the mobile gaming culture. I thought I’d bring a culture-themed game. “It’s a natural choice for my brand portfolio. It’s also fun for culture fans as well as people who are trying to learn from it.”

Game synopsis

Hip Hop legend and cannabis entrepreneur B-Real grows the city’s wettest weed, until his enigmatic alter ego, Dr. Greenthumb, reappears and secretly begins to design literal MONSTER strains of his design!

Can the two sides of the same coin work together to prevent the sacred deposit from falling into the hands of their cunning competitor, Professor Potassio?

Join B-Real to become the best dog to grow the pot business empire.

Increase your profits by improving your weed monster plants and automating the game.

Invest your profits, expand your hydraulic operation, join some fantastic characters and be part of the “Insane Asylum”.

Grow the B-DOG super variety or cultivate Deep Purple and Lava Flow, as well as many other weed monster plants with the help of Assistant Chief Luisa and the rest of the B-Real crew.

Exceed your limits research and decide whether or not you risk your sanity to join forces with B-Real’s cosmic alter-ego to put an end to Dr. Potassium and whatever comes before you.

He tries to solve various challenges posed by Greenthumb and the general trials and tribulations of the cannabis industry, competing with Dr. Potassium, the proud egolist who is considered one of the greatest botanists in the world.

The goal is to show Dr. Potassium, which grows the best grass in town.

Accompanied by a fascinating and intriguing soundtrack, users can enjoy many environments and surroundings, such as Greenthumb’s lab, break room, office and dispensary. Listen to the evil plot in Dr.’s lab, office, and elevator. Potassium.

Live the real life of B-Real. Whether you’re in the studio working on a new album, recording your podcast, or overseeing your killer marijuana dispensary, renowned hip-hop artist and entrepreneur B-Real enjoys little more than being the captain of his own. boat.

Atmosphere and style

B-Real Monster Labs is an inactive mobile game where B-Real and Dr. Greenthumb meets Jekyll and Hyde meets Little Shop of Horrors, a game with a relaxed, indica style and a smoky style.

Like the previous game Cheech and Chong Budfarm, players are destined to participate in pressure-free sessions.

This is the style of inactive games in general: play a session and set up your game to go crazy while you’re out. The player can return later to collect the fruits.

Monster Labs also includes strong story sequences throughout the game. Sit back, smoke a bowl and enjoy the amazing tricks of the B-Real crew against Potassium’s bad manners.

Game subplot

Something is happening! B-Real finds out he can’t remember everything. What’s going on


Meanwhile, Potassio shows up to make a deal.

Potassium will bring down the competition at all costs! Even if this means making movements below the belt, such as setting them up for noise complaints.

Potassio is always useless and sends his oppressed assistant Haynes to go undercover and be a mole inside Dr.’s dispensary. Greenthumb.

However, with a stethoscope and a lab coat, the truth about Dr. Greenthumb! Now B-Real and the crew will have to find a way to “live together.” one toke at a time.

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