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It’s fair months ago before the big digibank is revealed and the full digital banks, Grab-Singtel and Sea, are clearly stepping up their hiring process.

At a glance at their careers, at least 90 jobs located in Singapore were discovered.

Grab-Singtel and Sea were awarded by the Central Bank of Singapore for managing full digital banks last year.

Grab-Singtel said in December last year that it will create a dedicated team and will hold about 200 roles by the end of this year. He said he will leverage data and technology to redefine how financial services are offered.

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The consortium also said its digibank aims to support young PMETs, concert workers and micro-SMEs to have access to transparent and convenient financial services for their daily activities.

For Sea, he said he wants to meet the financial needs of young consumers and SMEs to boost the digital economy.

Full digital banks are banks that operate completely online without any single physical infrastructure, such as a bank branch. They are allowed to take customer deposits.

Let’s take a look at Digibank’s job offers that Grab-Singtel and Sea have and how they differ from traditional banks.

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There are currently at least 20 engineer positions available

Grab-Singtel has at least 11 engineering roles, including senior data and software engineers, senior security and networking engineers. career place.

The group also hires software engineers for backend, Android mobile, i iOS.

A software engineer for the iOS platform, for example, has to work closely with teams (in the product department, UX / UI and backend) to design, build, and expand new consumer-oriented products and features.

The software engineer must also monitor the performance of live applications and continuously improve them.

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There are also open senior engineering functions for database engineering, test automation, i site reliability engineering.

At sea, there are at least ten job offers for your digibank.

This includes roles of a systems operations engineer, a network engineer, and a security engineer. It also hires IT functions for operations and services. The link to the race site is here.

With digibanks hiring an army of engineers to bolster their online platforms, banking sites are expected to be digitally efficient, with smooth processes and a fast and efficient solution rate for bugs or problems.

Banking apps are also expected to be on Android and iOS platforms. This means that customers will be able to meet most of their banking needs from their smartphones.

Many data analysis, research functions

Grab-Singtel also hires at least five data-related functions for its digital bank.

This includes data analytics i data science managers as well as a senior data analyst, chief data engineer, i data scientist.

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A role of data scientist at Grab-Singtel you will be able to build predictive models using a combination of machine learning and traditional analysis methods. It can also validate models in new data sets, based on market performance.

Grab also increases the roles of researchers and analysts, such as risk analysts.

There are also other search features such as specialist in analytics and balance sheet prediction ia specialist in capital and liquidity reports.

Data is a key asset for digital banks as they ensure automated incorporation processes for customers. It also reduces the need to make other steps of clicks or customer entries when banking from their mobile phones.

Leveraging the data and statistics provided, digibanks can provide fast processes. For example, improve the time to process backend decisions and issue loans and payments to customers and SMEs.

Multiple backend functions, from loan / credit operations to settlements

There are at least 10 background functions for Grab-Singtel.

This includes liquidation operations, unsecured cards and loans operations, i customer service.

For Sea, there is currently no backend bank job offer.

Roles of people as manager of human resources, services and payroll

Grab-Singtel also hires staff for human resources and payroll services ia legal counsel to cover issues related to government and business.

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This means that digibank Grab-Singtel is likely to operate with internal own resources and legal support.

Roles of heads and general manager

Leadership roles are also within reach.

For Grab-Singtel, you are also looking for one no risk, a head of audit, head of compliance, and a head for investments and insurance.

There is also one deputy chief of anti-money laundering (AML) role that will play the role of identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets to establish enhanced effectiveness of AML policies and processes.

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The new digibanks offer more jobs and financing options

Grab-Singtel had said the consortium will create more opportunities for Singaporeans to take on roles related to technology and fintech technology, and train them with the necessary skill sets in cybersecurity and information, data science and analysis, as well. as in engineering technology.

The consortium also said the digibank is a natural extension of Grab Financial Group, as well as Singtel’s mobile financial business, with the aim of allowing wider access to financial services.

As for Sea, the group said it is already deeply integrated into Singapore’s digital economy through its three platforms Shopee, Garena and SeaMoney. Your digibank will be based on information about the needs of these users of the Sea digital ecosystem to innovate processes, products and services.

Both digibanks will have to offer financial services through payments, insurance, loans and investments and are expected to be formally launched in early 2022.

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