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Google responds to how long 301 redirects should be maintained after a site move, saying the year is the recommended minimum time period.

Why a year?

Because it takes a while for Google to process a major change, such as a site move.

If redirects are in effect for less than a year, Google may not end up crawling links often enough to recognize that the site has been permanently moved.

This topic is featured in the latest installment of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube.

How long should I keep a redirect for moving a site?

Google search attorney John Mueller addresses the above question by clarifying it first 301 redirects are the correct ones to use in this case.

There are two main types of redirects that people use on their websites: 301 and 302.

A 301 redirect tells Google that a page has been moved permanently, while a 302 redirect indicates storm page movement.

A site move is a permanent change, so 301 is the right redirect to use in this case.

Since the web is constantly evolving, you may be wondering if permanent really means permanent.

Mueller says:

“At Google we try to reprocess all pages at least every few months. Most pages are reviewed more often. However, …

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