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In 2020 and even now, in 2021, many travel plans were stopped. Because flights are based most of the time and travel is limited, frequent travelers will be missing in another enjoyable part of the trip: shopping at the airport.

To help replicate an experience that many are missing, Malaysia Airports was launched shopMYairports in September 2020 to provide retailers with a new way to connect with shoppers, allowing customers to shop at the airport without a boarding pass and from the comfort of their home.

From its inception, the platform saw one increase in average monthly sales by more than 50% and the registered site more than 1.5 million website views of buyers from all over Malaysia.

Building the right audience

shopMYairports should be more than just an extension of the airport brick and mortar stores. Nor is it a long-term e-commerce platform.

It boasts homework paid which are platform exclusive and which can potentially be cheaper than other online platforms.

Combined with occasional cyber paychecks on the platform, you can potentially do that get exclusive and cheaper branded products than other online sites. In addition, you can get exclusive travel items that can only be purchased at airports and have shopMYairports deliver them directly to your home.

The prices of their products are also quite competitive with other sites. For example, you can buy the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport Truly Wireless Bluetooth headset shopMYairports for only 1,599 RMS, while other official stores are priced higher than headphones.

For shoppers looking for bargains, shopMYairports launched several cyber sales on 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12. Boxing Day sale was achieved (December 26) 58 times more sales value that day compared to their average daily sales.

With experience in managing fast sales, the platform is now better prepared to get better promotions in 2021, so you can get authentic, genuine, travel exclusive i homework paid at a cheaper price.

The shopMYaiports site has also been recently updated and is now easier to buy with your mobile devices.

The shopMYairports site on mobile

More than just shopping at the airport

Shoppers can also expect more deals and deals at shopMYairports as there are several exciting initiatives on the horizon of the year.

More recently, the platform added local merchants to its product mix through the “HIMPUN Online” initiative, which gave shoppers the opportunity to purchase unique products, Locally manufactured products at good price, and some are also platform exclusive.

HIMPUN was originally physically launched by Malaysia Airports in 2018 as an event to promote airport vendors. But now, the initiative is reactivated, allowing #kitajagakita buyers always.

They have already incorporated several brands, including Hatta Dolmat, which will launch a line of cured clothing and accessories exclusively for shopMYairports. Other platforms like Batik Boutique, Bingka.KL and Tanamera can also be found on the platform.

shopMYairports works hard behind the scenes to also incorporate more local vendors into the platform.

In addition to adding more local merchants to the platform, shopMYairports will also reward shoppers. Those who want to be ready for Raya should browse the extensive range of cosmetics, fashion and accessories from shopMYairports that are available at discounted prices.

They are organizing a Raya promotion until May 25th. By spending on the platform, you can earn weekly shopping vouchers of up to RM 500.

These are just some of the many monthly initiatives and promotions that shoppers can expect at shopMYairports. Currently, the platform houses more than 300 brands to buy with more exclusive products added to the mix in the future.

With these additions, shoppers can expect more local flavors, discounts and more on the platform, for which you can buy on your laptop or simply with your phone.

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