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Influencer brands are ten cents, but are they good? Alex Costa is one of those stars of American social media with his own line of professional style hair care products: Forte series. Having tried many hairdressing products over the years, I was well placed to understand the range I wanted to create. Let’s be honest, a lot of influencer lines are lightning in the pan, but Forte Series took two years to develop, using the beehive’s mind and the comments of its fans to really finalize the formulas.

Born in Brazil, Costa lived in Belo Horizonte until the age of 13, when the family moved to Cape Cod, on the east coast of America. He started his own YouTube channel in 2010, initially to teach Brazilian viewers how to play competitive Call Of Duty. That was his side commotion. Her day job was managing partners at Google, helping top creators grow YouTube platforms. In 2018, he took the plunge, giving up the security of a well-paid job with the silicon giant to be on the other side of the camera as a full-time content creator. Based in Los Angeles, California, @alexcosta Since then, it has garnered a large 5.9 million followers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Alex Costa, founder of Forte Series

Naturally, he’s blessed with a six-pack, shiny hair and a hot-influenced bride, and he cures an Instagram grid full of luxury vacations, fast cars and swag. So far, so influential standard. What seems like a big overnight hit actually took years of hard grafting behind the scenes, so don’t bother with this private helicopter ride over Christ the Redeemer.

Costa’s fortune changed when he left the games to get ready, with easy-to-do tutorials, with lots of useful and practical techniques and hacks (also covering style, dating, and fitness). The man can use a hair dryer as a session stylist and offer a simple and step by step guide to wash his hair, find the best hair style for the shape of his face, fix dry hair and many more. month. It’s not a rocket science, but his “big brother” advice and overall mission to help his followers look and feel better make these subscribers click, slide, and like.

A man of detail, Costa is particular about his professional hair dryer from the best American stylist, Harry Josh, and the selection of ventilated and barrel brushes. So keep in mind that you also need the right tools to get the most out of your products.

Hair care

Mint cooling clarifying shampoo

This scalp tickling shampoo contains apple cider vinegar to completely remove any stubborn buildup of styling aids. Costa recommends using your fingertips in the position of your claws to massage the product with circular motions to form a foam. Costa always says: hit your hair, never rub, with a towel to remove moisture without damaging the follicles.

Deep moisturizing conditioner treatment

With tea tree extracts, green tea and rosemary, this conditioner has a rich masking effect to transform boring, lifeless and curly follicles into silky hair. It is made without parabens or sulfates and has a stimulating aroma of mint. Costa recommends letting it act for a full minute before rinsing it off to really feel the benefit.

Moisturizing daily hair serum of argan oil

One of Costa’s favorite products, if you heat your hair regularly, this is essential. It can transform dry, curly, overly styled follicles into soft, manageable mane. Multitasking, moisturizes, softens and protects hair, nourishes the scalp and helps prevent split ends and dandruff. Just use a very small amount, apply on damp hair working it from the tips to the roots.

Texture Hair Clay Extreme Hold

The Texture Clay generated a fair amount of hype in the Costa community. It may be too heavy for fine hair, but it is ideal for thick, rebellious hair types. Re-workable, gives extra strong grip and low gloss. This solid, waxy formula contains bentonite and kaolin, with nutritious argan oil and shea butter. One of Costa’s tricks is to blow it with a hair dryer for a few seconds to warm it up and make it malleable. Then take a pea-sized amount with your fingertip and rub it between the palms with the heat of your hands to remove any lumps or bumps until the products are smooth and clear. Apply it from the crown, so that it does not overload the front and work forward. Rake with your fingers for extra texture.

Molding paste

With a strong grip and a matte finish, this water-soluble formula washes easily and offers a smooth, weightless application. It can create all kinds of styles such as curtains, side partitions and smooth back aspects, while giving volume to medium to fine hair types. As with clay, take an amount the size of a pea and heat the product between your hands, and apply the product starting at the back of the head, working forward.

Sea salt spray

Get these surfer-style waves in seconds with this salt spray infused with kelp extract. Designed to enhance curls, reduce frizz and add volume and texture to finer hair types that may look flabby. Spray dry hair at the root, then comb it with your fingers while drying with a cold dryer.

Style cream

A light cream enriched with biotin, aloe vera and argan oil, is designed to give a medium grip with a natural finish, leaving hair with a fuller, stronger and healthier look and feel.


For a sleek, classic look, it provides a firm but flexible grip that can control high-volume hairstyles without any grease or shine. The water-soluble formula contains biotin to strengthen the hair and provitamin B5 to nourish the follicles.

Texture spray

This finishing spray adds instant volume and texture. In thicker hair types, this product adds extra control. It’s flexible and pliable so you can rework your look all day long. Easy to wash, it is also formulated without parabens or sulfates.

For now, Forte Series is all about serious hair care, but we get the feeling that much more will come from Alex Costa’s rapidly expanding prep empire. Products are shipped from the US, so import taxes will apply if you live outside the US.

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