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Summaries and year-end summaries usually mark the end of the year, and here’s one worth reading. Forbes has just released its 18th edition The 100 most powerful women in the world, and one of us made the list.

This year includes 40 CEOs, 19 world leaders, an immunologist and a new number one for the first time in more than a decade.

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Before joining the local team, he represents, perhaps one of the most seismic changes is the crowning of a new number one on the list.

For those who have been avid fans of the list, you know that German Chancellor Angel Merkel has been in office for almost 18 years. There were only three times in the 18 years in which he was not crowned number one.

This year, the charge falls to billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. While she may be the third richest woman in the world, it is her determination to give in a meaningful and revolutionary way, a move that gives her an edge over the other women on the list.

In 2020, it announced just over $ 5.8 billion in gifts to some 500 nonprofits. Then, in June 2021, Scott said he donated $ 2.74 billion more to 286 groups. It is also his style of giving money “without limits” that sets him apart from other philanthropists.

Ho Ching is the only Singaporean on the list

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At number 33 on the list is Ho Ching, the only Singaporean on the Forbes list. Although most of us know her as the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching was the CEO of Singapore’s Temasek Sovereign Wealth Fund.

It has helped Temasek’s portfolio grow to more than $ 381 billion. After 17 years at the helm, she he resigned on October 1.

It was later announced that it was the next president of the Temasek Trust, the entity responsible for the philanthropic endowments of Temasek, a role it will assume in April 2022.

Last year, Ho Ching was also named 20th most powerful woman outside the United States by Fortuna. It was not his first time on the list (he has been constantly on the list for the past five years), ranking eighth in 2016 and 2018, 10th in 2017 and 19th in 2019.

Other notable mentions

While we love giving time to all the other women on this list, the highlights would include United States Vice President Kamala Harris.

Another amazing woman on the list would be Rosalind Brewer. She is the former chief operating officer of Starbucks who took over as head of Walgreens in March and is currently the only black woman to run an S&P 500 business.

Perhaps one name we should know is BioNTech co-founder and immunologist Özlem Türeci. She is one of the 20 newcomers this year.

He makes his list debut at number 48 for his role in leading the development of the Covid mRNA vaccine company in collaboration with global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Then there’s Tsai Ing-wen at No. 9, who is Taiwan’s first female president. Tsai’s leadership through the covid-19 is considered the global model. If you remember, Taiwan instituted a rigorous monitoring and tracking program to prevent mass spread.

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