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Islamabad: Drone food delivery will take off soon in Pakistan as the pilot project has been launched in Islamabad.
Food delivery company Foodpanda partnered with Pakistani aerospace company Woot Tech to test the service in Islamabad.
* It can deliver a maximum payload of 5 kg at a speed of 90 km / h.
* The maximum flight distance is about 20 km.
* It is allowed to fly 100 meters (300 feet) in height.
* Resistance – up to 30 min
* Speed ​​- 90 km / h
* Maximum flight distance: 20 km
* Maximum payload weight: 5 kg
* Altitude: 300 feet allowed
The ‘PandaFly’ service will be extended across the country after successful testing. The test flight was conducted with the support of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) in Islamabad at F-9 Park on 12 November.
The drone delivered a 2.5 kg packet of food from one end of the park to the other with the help of two riders who loaded and picked up the packet and handed out food to the children of the Sweet Homes orphanage invited at the event.
The project would allow food to be delivered faster, but not exactly in the way many would expect. The service launched in Pakistan currently will not deliver food directly to households. It focuses on the half-mile drone delivery service, which means drones would fly from one point to another in a straight line avoiding traffic and other obstacles.
After loading the order into the drone, it will fly to a specified collection point where the Foodpanda pilot will receive it and deliver it to the customer. Pakistan …

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