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As the demand for food delivery increases, so does the demand competition. While competitors try to outdo each other by saying they are more affordable, faster, have a better UX, etc., there is still a niche that many do not prioritize.

Among these apps that try to cater to various cuisines and diets, Gulshan thought, wouldn’t it be nice for vegetarians or vegans to have a platform of their own?

“Getting food or vegetarian products has always been a challenge for me. I couldn’t get it all in one place and often had to go to different apps and sites to do it, which also costs more, ”Gulshan shared with Vulcan Post.

Observing a blue ocean, she and Mandeep set out to start a food distribution platform offering vegan, vegetarian and vegetable products.

Still in its infancy

Zesty Clickz began operations a few months ago in April 2021 and is operated by a team of seven people who use Gulshan and Mandeep’s background in computer science.

Before Zesty Clickz, Gulshan got its solutions for vegetarian meals or products from online groups and home-based businesses on social media, which, as mentioned, were not the most convenient ways. Therefore, she and Mandeep saw enough potential in this platform to invest RM90K to start it.

Today, the platform houses 65 merchants made up of a variety of vegetarian / vegetarian restaurants, cafes, stalls, home businesses, and more.

There are 3 delivery methods with Zesty Clickz:

  • Lalamove for a la carte delivery,
  • YTT Logistics for pre-order delivery (charges are much lower and fixed for Klang Valley),
  • Automatic delivery by merchants (merchants share prices with the team and will update their restaurant’s specific backend information).

When they first started in April, they processed about 110 orders, which went to 460 in May and saw more than 550 orders in June.

Who says we lack plant-based options?

From my site alone, I currently have 48 F&B establishments in the app that can send me, with the farthest shop 26 km away (the maximum radius is 30 km for each trader in the Klang Valley).

These are more than two-thirds of the establishments they have on their platform and keep in mind that this variety is available for someone living in a less central delivery area in Cheras. However, this is possible thanks to subcontracted rider fleets that include higher delivery costs.

You can also place an order in your web application, but the mobile one is softer / Image credit: Zesty Clickz

Compared to bigger players like Grab and Foodpanda, of course, their pick list isn’t that long. However, this is because Zesty Clickz only lists traders who serve strictly meatless dishes and excludes traders who offer vegetarian / vegan options on the side.

For each establishment, you can see the delivery distance, location, status and opening / closing times, category (vegan or vegetarian or both), and also whether they have promotions (such as an FMCO promotion) . Note that its filter function is quite limited from now on.

Traders were able to sign up with them for free until June 2021, after which the app will charge a 10% commission (7% of which goes to Zesty Clickz and about 3% to their gateway to payment).

Vegetarian foods should not be colorless and soft / Image credit: Zesty Clickz

Support in understanding customers drives business

“Customers have compared us to other already established apps, which is a challenge to explain to them that we are still new and working to achieve greater stability in our configuration,” Gulshan shared, though he noted that understanding customers also used to come back.

The higher delivery rates that customers have to endure have also been another struggle to make the service of their app more attractive.

Not to mention Asian Delights / Image Credit: Zesty Clickz

In their app, you’ll also notice that most of their merchants are younger establishments. It was harder to convince older marketers to join them because they aren’t as smart in technology or just don’t see the point in moving their business online.

Aside from the hurdles, the team is proud to ensure more regularity by increasing its radius and receiving positive feedback from the communities they serve.

In the long run, Zesty Clickz aims to be the vegan, vegetarian and vegetable market in the country as it incorporates more home businesses and grocery stores into its platform. Plans for this will be further specified in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Featured Image Credit: Gulshan Rai and Mandeep Singh, founders of Zesty Clickz

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