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Fit After 50 for Men by Mark Mcilyar is one of the most prominent, purposeful, professionally packaged workout plans and exercise routines for any male over the age of fifty to follow bar none. Found exclusively online at the official website of, Mark Mcilyar’s Fit After 50 is one of the most sought out functional fitness programs for men over the age of fifty to get a proper workout addressing all of the key areas of aging gracefully.

As men become older and cross 50, unfortunately they start to witness a natural decline in their athletic abilities. This is partly because testosterone levels in most adult males drop quite rapidly after the age of 40 (sometimes even 35 depending upon their genes), thereby affecting their ability to not only pack on new muscle mass but also perform adequately in bed.

Furthermore, with age, men start to tire out quickly because their bodies are not able to produce energy at an efficient rate. That being said, there are now many diet plans, workout regimes that are available in the market today designed specifically to help older adult males achieve their health and fitness goals in a seamless, efficient manner.

Fit After 50 is a powerful health system devised to help maximize one’s innate testosterone levels naturally. Furthermore, the program also allows users to strip away years of stubborn body fat deposits that may have accumulated in various problem areas (such as one’s chest, belly, thighs, etc.).

Fit After 50 Reviews
Fit After 50 Reviews

Who’s behind Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 for Men is the brainchild of Mark Mcilyar, a popular health and fitness columnist who started to gain global recognition after he crossed 40. Over the last 2-3 decades, he has made several appearances across various media outlets, motivating/encouraging older men to take responsibility for their daily health routines and lead more holistic lives. Not only that, he regularly writes detailed nutrition and exercise-related pieces for several popular men’s health websites.

Mark Mcilyar is currently 57 years of age and boasts of a sculpted physique that he claims to have obtained by following his personally devised training regime that consists of specific exercises that are meant to fire up our bodies as well as a specific diet plan that can help melt away stubborn fatty accumulations that may have gathered in our problem areas due to poor lifestyle choices, genetic factors, etc.

A Closer Look at What Fit After 50 has to Offer

With age, traditional workout methods start to harm the human body, primarily if a person hasn’t led an active life during their 30’s and 40’s. For example, it is a well-known fact that sporting activities such as running, jogging, etc. can have an immediate negative impact on one’s knees, joints if the individual is above the age of 45. Furthermore, regular gym-based activities can also cause older men to start suffering from other problems such as:

  • Increased estrogen levels due to the increase of cortisol in one’s body
  • Heightened levels of inflammation
  • Tissue damage and muscle pain
  • Constant fatigue due to the release of cortisol in one’s bloodstream

That being said, Fit After 50 is a holistic health program that can help older men reclaim their former physical glory without having to put their bodies through insane physical and mental stress. Not only that, even the dietary guidelines that have been mentioned in the system are relatively minor and do not require users to alter their existing eating habits drastically.

According to Mcilyar, those who adhere to the principles outlined in the Fit after 50 programs can enjoy health benefits such as:

Increased Testosterone Levels

One of the critical facets of this system is that it helps increase users’ innate testosterone levels by making them undergo certain MST (Metabolic Strength Training) exercises. In this regard, several research studies have shown that Metabolic Strength Training can help spur testosterone levels in men over 50 in a natural fashion.

When there is adequate testosterone available in one’s body, the individual cannot only pack on muscle mass more quickly, but he can also experience other benefits such as:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Faster synthesis of harmful triglycerides and other fatty derivatives that may be present in our arterial and circulatory channels due to unhealthy eating choices
  • Enhanced libido and sexual prowess

Faster Fat Loss

According to Mcilyar, the Metabolic Strength Training regime outlined in Fit After 50 is so potent that it can help melt away years of unhealthy fat deposits within just a couple of weeks. This is because MST has been clinically shown to force the body into burning fats for energy production rather than other nutritional sources such as proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that as per the official product website, users of the program will see their belly, chest, and back fat deposits vanish within 6-18 days of following the system diligently.

Enhanced Functional Abilities

The Fit After 50 system has been designed to increase their day to day functional output by enhancing their innate metabolic rates. According to Mcilyar, the program will allow users to not only work for extended periods at a high level but also will enable the body not to get winded down even after periods of extensive physical exercise.


One of the more underrated facets of this system is that its unique combination of Metabolic Strength Training and Functional Abs/Cardio can help reverse any of the physical signs of aging experienced by most men after they cross the age of 50. For example, the program can help recharge our cellular mitochondria, thus allowing users to feel vital, active, focused, and energized daily.

Enhanced Energy Release

When following the Metabolic Strength Training regime, studies have shown that users can increase their body’s natural energy output by a whopping 75%. Not only that, but the training method also mitigates the production of lactic acid in our muscles and tissues, thereby allowing users not to feel sleepy and tired all the time.

Joint Lubrication

A quick search online shows us that MST practices have been endorsed by Harvard Medical School, with researchers from the prestigious institution even claiming that the training regime can help heal joint pain (and is ideal for older men who suffer from chronic joint inflammation other similar pain-related issues). Not only that, but MST is also perfect for people who have arthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone-based structural issues.

fit after 50 reviews
fit after 50 reviews

Other Benefits Associated With the Fit After 50 Program

According to the official company website, people who diligently follow the Fit For 50 Program will be able to gain several positive benefits such as:

  • Regulation of unhealthy blood sugar levels
  • Reduced circulatory problems such as high blood pressure
  • Enhanced metabolic output as well as improved memory and overall brain health
  • Heightened muscle and bone development capacity
  • Stimulation of one’s cardiovascular system
  • Enhanced flexibility

How Does the Fit After 50 Program Work?

Mark Mcilyar’s Fit Over 50 for Men program is very soundly put together as it breaks down each of these critical steps into phases that allow the body to burn, build and sculpt as time goes on. Here are the key concepts Mark applies into his flagship workout exercise program, Fit After 50 for Men.

Phase I: BURN

During the first phase of the program, users are made to adjust to an anabolic environment wherein their bodies are forced to recover and come to a state of equilibrium. I.e., the mind and body start to work in conjunction with one another. For those of our readers who may not be aware, the human system can be sent into an anabolic mode of operation by merely stimulating the sensory cells that are present one’s muscles, tendons, and joints.

In addition to this, during Phase 1, users are forced to activate their muscular systems by performing specific functional cardio movements that have been clinically shown to increase our body’s fat loss mechanisms and enhance our native metabolic abilities. According to the website, from the first session, users will start to see an increase in their innate testosterone levels.


As the title seems to quite clearly suggest, during this portion of the program — which lasts for around four weeks — users are made to undergo certain physical practices that are meant to help surge muscle growth and enhance one’s innate strength levels. Also, much like Phase 1, during this period, users will start to notice their testosterone levels start to increase quite tangibly. Not only that, but users will also be able to reap added advantages such as:

  • Enhanced libido and sexual capacity
  • Faster muscle and tissue development
  • Elimination of fat that may be present in one’s belly region


This is probably the easiest part of the program. During this phase, users will start to see a tangible increase in their muscle mass levels and even begin to see their bodies develop cuts and attain a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Furthermore, during this phase, users will witness a marked increase in their functional strength capacity.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster release of testosterone in one’s body, thus allowing for increased muscle/tissue development.
  • The appearance of lines in one’s abs region
  • Sustained release of energy

What are some of the Free Goodies that You Get With Fit After 50?

(i) 12-week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan

As the name quite clearly suggests, this guide comes packed with several helpful eating tips (as well as recipes) that allow users to not only melt away their stubborn fat deposits but also recharge their internal energy systems.

Also, as part of the guide, users are provided with several tips and tricks that can allow them to boost their GH (growth hormone) levels by up to 2000%. Not only that, it contains certain foods that have been clinically shown to help prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen (especially in males over the age of 65).

(ii) Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations

As mentioned in an earlier section, the Fit After 50 program requires users to perform a wide array of MST and functional cardio exercises that have been scientifically shown to provide one’s body with several physical and mental benefits.

As part of the Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations & Execution manual, users can gain a step-by-step visual guide regarding how they can get the most out of each exercise.

Where to Buy Fit After 50 for Men?

The easiest and most convenient way of making a purchase is via the official company website —

At press time, the entire Fit After 50 resource pool, along with the above mentioned free goodies, are available for a highly discounted price of $37. Traditionally, the program is sold for a minimum of $97. Also, it is worth mentioning that each purchase comes backed by a full 365-day refund guarantee in case users aren’t satisfied with the results obtained by them (through the program). Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure means such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

Final Verdict

Fit After 50 for Men is Mark Mcilyar’s flagship workout system and exercise program that helps the body prolong its functional abilities in a measured, controlled and timely fashion. The 57-year old ripped grandpa has been doing this for decades now, having helped tens of thousands of men just like you work on exercising efficiently and boosting low T levels to optimizing peak performance no matter your age, shape or background.

Between the Metabolic Strength Training, the short Functional Cardio and Abs routines and the recovery focused workouts; men over the age of fifty stand to gain a lot of ground in the world of regaining their youthful vigor and capacity to live healthier, stronger and pain free – all from the comfort of your own home.  For those looking to skyrocket metabolism, boost testosterone levels, loosen up stiff joints and strip away pounds of excess body fat, Mark Mcilyar’s Fit After 50 is the one stop solution for men looking to naturally burn, build and sculpt their body as they age gracefully into the golden years of life.

Act now to take full advantage of this extremely comprehensive, yet simple to follow workout program for men over the age of fifty looking to spark back their youthfulness once and for all. With the extremely generous 365-day money back guarantee, men have a full year to follow Mark’s Fit After 50 to transform your body or simply receive your money back.

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