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The first impression is the most important. You can only make a first impression once. Cliché? But, do you know the difference between the candidate who prepared the perfect resume and the candidate who submitted the perfect resume? The difference is that the latter received the invitation to the interview.

In this article, you will read how to prepare your resume to capture the attention of the recruiter and become the ticket to the job of your dreams. We will also tell you how to create and upload the perfect resume in the fastest way possible!

Start doing the job of your dreams

The hiring process usually follows a similar pattern. First, submit your resume, then you have your first interview with Human Resources, followed by a second interview with your potential manager.

How do you stand out among the stack of a dozen or even a few dozen apps on the recruiter’s or business owner’s desktop? How does it attract your attention more than the 5-7 seconds it takes on average for a resume and manages to move on to the next stage?

Marketing is as important for job seekers as it is for companies. Have you ever considered yourself an advertising prospect? You have certain qualities, skills and experience, that is an objective fact. However, you have the challenge of presenting them to the world correctly!

  • Inventive, but concrete.
  • Contemporary, but with all the information you need
  • Original, but understandable
  • Amazing, but not embarrassing

Your resume is responsible for the impression you make on a potential employer. That’s why it’s so important in your job search. Don’t let it be a coincidence.

Two layers of a CV

We are all visual creatures. Our first impressions are always based on aesthetics, symmetry and images. We choose interview clothes carefully, so why not put the same effort into the look of our resume? He is our ambassador in chief before any physical meeting.

The very appearance of your resume, its visual layer, it says a lot to the employer about you, shows your personality. Are you meticulous, attentive to detail, technical and precise, or is creativity your forte?

A clear, well-designed visual layer encourages people to read the content. As we browse through the sample of resumes available online, we ourselves find that some of them catch our eye. However, no one has ever been hired for the look of a resume (maybe just a graphic designer).

The most important thing is to collect and compile the information that should be included in a professional resume and form a meaningful layer.

An important starting point: how to create your resume!

If so far you haven’t wanted to sit down and write your resume and suddenly you thought you needed to do it urgently, or better yet, right away. Writing a resume seems like a complicated, tedious and error-prone process.

Much of the problems described in this article can be solved with the help of a resume writing service – who will create your resume from the data you provide.

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