Finnish football fans bring back the virus from Russia


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Nearly 100 fans of Finland’s national football team who traveled to Russia to defeat Euro 2020 against Belgium have caught the coronavirus, authorities reported on Thursday.

The prime minister joined THL’s health authority overseeing the epidemic and called on the Finns to return home after Monday’s 2-0 defeat in St Petersburg to take a test.

“It’s important for everyone to take a test,” Sanna Marin told reporters at an EU summit in Brussels.

“Possible cases will be identified and the infection will not spread,” he added.

Tests carried out at customs sites along the Russian border have already returned 86 positive cases and there are still more analyzes underway.

The overcrowding caused by some 3,000 Finnish supporters crossing the border caused officials to allow 800 people to enter the country without taking a test, local media reported.

Russia on Thursday reported more than 20,000 new coronavirus infections and 568 deaths, a maximum not seen since January, as it battled a growing outbreak of the Delta variant.

THL urged all those who re-guaranteed to have one within 72 hours, the infection rate in St. Petersburg was 20 times higher than in Finland.

The daily virus cases in Russia, the deaths reached a maximum of six months

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