Even Mix™ Introduces Hand Sanitizer Stand; Convenient Way to Provide Sanitizing Solutions


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August 12, 2020 — Cleveland, OH – Even Mix™ is taking its passion for thoughtful design and advanced engineering a step ahead and is happy to launch its Made in America Hand Sanitizer Stand. The expertly designed stand is 53 inches tall and is ADA compliant. It is designed with universal bolt holes to fit all dispensers. The free-standing hand sanitizer stand is portable, easy to assemble, and is tip-proof.

The stand has a tripod base, with over 50% of the overall weight at the bottom of the stand. This enhances the stability of the stand. It is made of powder-coated steel, which makes it appropriate for heavy usage. The best part, its 6-inch tray can securely hold a gallon sanitizer container. Yes, you read that correctly, it is designed for heavy usage and can hold a gallon jug of hand sanitizer or hand wash liquid.  

With hand sanitizer and soap dispensers in short supply, the Even Mix™ hand sanitizer stand is a boon. Its design enables the installation of a large bottle of sanitizer without the need for a dispenser. You can do away with the dispenser and still reap the benefits of sanitizer availability. It is a win-win for everybody.

Hand Sanitizer Stand – Universal Mounting by Even Mix™
Universal hand sanitizer floor stand, metal fabrication commercial-grade quality, powder-coated black for tough durability, heavy base will hold the hand sanitizer stand in place without shaking, assembly takes less than 5 minutes with all hardware and tools needed included, catch tray for any spills, designed in the USA, fabricated in the USA.

Why use a Free-Standing Hand Sanitizer Stand?

Practicing hand hygiene has never been more critical. According to the CDC, frequently washing your hands with soap is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from contracting coronavirus. An alternative to washing your hands is sanitizing it often to kill the germs. These activities either require hand wash gel or sanitizer.

Washing hands isn’t feasible whenever you come in contact with a door handle or a handrail in a public place. This is where sanitizing is the best alternative as it is fast, effective, and hassle-free. For areas with high traffic like offices, factories, schools, restaurants, churches, etc., placing small bottles of hand sanitizers near touchpoints isn’t going to suffice. Moreover, you cannot count on people carrying their own sanitizer. This is where the Even MixTM  Hand Sanitizer Stand is the perfect solution.

Business owners cannot survive if they do not work on opening their business. While keeping the business closed isn’t an option; opening it with lax safety measures isn’t an option either. As a business owner, the safety and security of their employees and customers is their responsibility. It may not be possible to completely protect individuals against exposure to the virus, however it’s critical to minimize the risk of exposure and keep the workplace as safe as possible to reduce the chances of an outbreak within the office or manufacturing plant by placing hand sanitizer stands at strategic locations.

Place an order for Even Mix™ Hand Sanitizer Stand

Even MixTM is excited to bring a stable hand sanitizer stand that is designed to withstand heavy usage. The hand sanitizer stand developed by Even MixTM will enable businesses and public places to open safely as it will provide easy sanitizer access to all the employees and visitors.

Even MixTM hand sanitizer stands are ideal for high traffic areas requiring hand sanitation such as business lobbies, restaurants, schools, universities, offices, manufacturing, doctors’ offices, and hospitals. All the establishments listed above are high-risk businesses. These locations require the maximum amount of protection, and only wearing masks isn’t going to help. They need added security, and enabling employees and visitors with easy sanitizer access will help them stay safe and healthy.

For Even Mix™ designing a hand sanitizer stand is a natural progression after bringing the industry-leading mixing blade and air drive to the hand sanitizer mixing market. While most hand sanitizer stands are manufactured in China, Even MixTM is designed and manufactured locally in Ohio by workers who have been avoiding coronavirus for months by being vigilant and looking out for each other’s safety. Even MixTM is proud to have served American Industry as critical workers producing Hand Sanitizer Mixers and now the stands to deliver hand sanitizer gel and liquid to restaurants, schools, churches, offices, and public venues. It is their dream and passion to keep America safe.

Visit Even Mix™ at https://evenmix.com/product/hand-sanitizer-stand to learn more about the hand sanitizer stand. You can watch the demonstration video on YouTube to understand how easy it is to assemble the stand.

Even MixTM is delivering the hand sanitizer stands across America. You can visit their website or place an order from Amazon.

About Even Mix™

Even Mix™ was founded in 2012 based on a revolutionary mixing blade design by Dan Shramo, the company’s R&D leader and former NASA Launch Engineer, and the technology of its sister company, American Assembly Tools.  American Assembly Tools was a leader in air motor technology and gearing systems.  Even Mix™ is no stranger to innovation and success, and their expertise in mixing hand sanitizer is simply another example of their ingenuity.  Since 2012, the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program Alumni has grown by 100% annually and won prestigious awards, including the Weatherhead 100 Winner for Growth in Cleveland.  Even Mix™ continues to develop innovative products that are built on their core strengths of 3D Mixing and Powerful and Low Weight systems.

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