“Europe at full speed”


Paris (dpa) – The head of state of France, Emmanuel Macron, has praised his four-year cooperation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). “During these years we have contributed Europe forward at full speed, “Macron said in Paris on Monday after the conclusion of the Franco-German cabinet. It was the last such meeting with Merkel, the 43-year-old said. The chancellor, who has been in since November 2005, has no intention of running again in the next federal election in September.

Macron highlighted the € 750 billion coronavirus reconstruction program agreed by the EU last year, which is funded in part by EU debt, and described it as a “historic deal”. Referring to a possible push for another aid plan, he said so far this project had not been proposed. “In the coming months we will determine if we need additional ambition.” The EU should not lag behind the United States and China in coming out of the coronavirus crisis, he said.

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