EU citizens in the UK will have 28 days to apply for a liquidation status Brexit news


People who miss the June 30 settlement plan deadline will receive notices to apply for or run the risk of losing their rights.

European Union citizens living in the UK will receive a 28-day warning to apply for post-Brexit settlement status or to lose some of their rights from next month, the government said on Tuesday.

The so-called UK settlement scheme for EU citizens and the European Economic Area (EEA), which opened in early 2019, closes on 30 June.

It allows Europeans in the UK to retain the same rights of residence, travel, employment and health that they had before Brexit.

The rules on the exit of the UK bloc, which came into force earlier this year, ended reciprocal freedom of movement.

Approximately 5.6 million people and their dependents have applied for settlement status under the scheme since it was introduced.

But some 400,000 cases still require processing, while many are rushing to submit their applications before next week’s deadline.

At the same time, messaging and outreach campaigns target those who may not be aware of the need to apply before next week’s deadline.

Immigration Minister Kevin Foster said anyone whose application was not submitted before the deadline would not have their rights withdrawn immediately as they were protected by law.

But he also ruled out extending the June 30 cut-off point.

“Simply put, extending the deadline is not the solution to reach those people who have not yet submitted it and we would only be in a position below the line where we would be asked to extend again, creating more uncertainties,” he said. Foster members. of a parliamentary committee.

He added that immigration enforcement officials would start issuing 28-day notices to those who have not yet filed.

The UK Home Office, which oversees immigration, said in some cases applications beyond 28 days ’notice can also be submitted.

“We will establish the assistance available and tell people to make a request, but we recognize that there may be some people who, after these 28 days, have not yet been able to make a request,” in According to the newspaper The Guardian, said the Interior Ministry spokesman.

“I think we’d like to work with them to understand why that’s the case, and then support them again to make the request.”

Foster said those who had missed the deadline for reasonable reasons could still file the application, citing exceptions such as children whose parents had not applied on their behalf or people with a serious illness that had prevented them from filing the documentation. .

The government will also issue an “application certificate” for those awaiting a decision, he added, which will serve as proof of their right to work, rent properties, make benefits and use the National Health Service.

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