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You may have heard of the many benefits of probiotics and want to know if these digestive superheroes can benefit you as well. Well, you’re in luck. As probiotic devotees, we’ve done research, searching the web around the world, to determine what you need to know about the benefits of probiotics. (We’ve even highlighted a brand we like).

It is important to note that not all probiotics are created equal. From making sure that probiotics that increase the flora can reach their destination in the digestive tract safely (after all, the health benefits of probiotics cannot be captured if they never reach the intestines ) to the point of testing the highest quality standards of formulas. , there are many factors when it comes to creating a high quality formula that can provide the many probiotic benefits you are looking for.

Today we will take a look at what makes a good probiotic, the benefits of taking probiotics daily, tell you more about a brand that we loved and that we can now demonstrate, based on experience.

When it comes to getting maximum benefits from probiotics, what makes it a good probiotic?

First of all, being able to find one high quality probiotic, we need to understand what makes one well probiotic. The body contains trillions of gut-friendly flora that help metabolize food, keep immune function in tip shape, help the body prevent intestinal infections and more.

But between an inconsistent diet and general everyday problems, our friendly flora can often upset the balance. This is where a daily probiotic can help provide much needed support.

So what makes a good probiotic? When it comes to a checklist that will ensure you get the best probiotic benefits from your formula, here’s what we recommend you keep in mind:

  • One that is clearly labeled so you can know what types of bacteria and other ingredients you are getting and tailor your purchase to the probiotic benefits you are looking for.
  • An effective delivery system that ensures that health-promoting bacteria arrive alive and ready to start working in the gut
  • A free of allergens, GMOs and harmful chemicals that do not serve the maximum good of the body
  • Given the nature of probiotics, it’s important to find a brand of probiotics tested by third parties to ensure it’s safe, tested for its potency, and that it includes all the beneficial bacteria you want in your daily probiotic.

3 questions to ask when choosing a high quality probiotic

  1. Is shelf stable?
  2. Do you have a specific need for specific probiotic benefits or are you simply looking for general digestive support?
  3. Is the company transparent in its manufacturing practices?
  4. Is it done through a delivery system that saves friendly flora but fades before it reaches the digestive tract?

How a brand of probiotics is distinguished (and in a BIG way)

We want to make the search a little easier by highlighting a brand that marks the bar when it comes to a high quality probiotic, and that brand is Probulin.

What sets Probulin apart from the rest:

  • A scientifically validated delivery system that nourishes, hydrates and protects your beneficial bacteria to ensure it reaches its destination alive.
  • Total multi-strain intestinal health support in each capsule
  • Stable on the shelf without refrigeration
  • Includes prebiotics like Inulin that feed and nourish probiotics during the journey to your digestive tract

In Probulin probiotics, you will also find additional nutritious ingredients such as seaweed extractthis creates the “algae submarine” that delivers the goods safely and intact to your gutelectrolytic minerals that keep everything pleasant and hydrated, 15 strains of friendly flora to offer daily probiotic benefits adapted to different areas of the body. These impressive benefits of probiotics range from supporting immune function to promoting digestive harmony (even for children!).

We encourage you to visit Problulin’s Total Care line here.

You can also find probiotics in skin care, probiotics that help nourish the living and beneficial bacteria that live on the skin. Find the Skin therapy with probulin line here.

What kind of probiotics do you need

When determining the type of probiotics you need, you must first determine why you want to take them. All Probulin probiotics are gentle enough for daily use without sacrificing quality and effectiveness, but this is not the case for all brands of probiotics. In addition, you can find assistance for:

  • Immune function
  • Two-point support
  • Probiotic support for women
  • Support for weight control
  • Complete body well-being
  • And even support children’s digestion

When looking for a reputable probiotic brand, transparency should be at the forefront of your decision. You want to know exactly what is in each capsule, how it is processed, what its intended use is, and the health benefits of probiotics so that you can make an informed decision about your own well-being.

Benefits of a daily probiotic

While research continues to build around the benefits of probiotics, there are promising studies available on how they can help support digestion and other inconveniences that arise from time to time. Also, when combined with other potent ingredients, you may be able to increase your overall well-being through daily use of probiotics.

The benefits of taking probiotics may include:

  • Restoring balance to the intestinal microbiome
  • Support for those experiencing stomach complications after taking antibiotics
  • Potential to support those who may experience occasional digestive problems
  • Possible support for balanced mind and mood thanks to the gut-brain connection
  • Potential to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels through the breakdown of bile in the gut
  • Supports nourished and healthy looking skin, supporting it internally through the intestine and when used topically

Getting the benefits of taking probiotics can be as easy as adding a capsule to your morning routine. Do you take vitamins daily? Add a probiotic to the mixture. Do you like to have a Joe cup or tea? Take your probiotic before relaxing in a hot drink.

Everyone will probably have a slightly different experience with probiotics because everyone has a unique body and different needs. In the United States, most probiotics are sold as dietary supplements, which means there is no process of testing and approval as one might expect. Therefore, it is important to lean on brands like Probulin that are transparent about their probiotics and tested by third parties to make sure they are as effective as they say.

What are the benefits of probiotic pills? Then the delivery system is important

When you are looking to get all the benefits of taking probiotics daily, you may not be thinking about the delivery system. People take pills all the time, so you can see a probiotic capsule just like the rest of the vitamins that are taken daily.

But, as we noted earlier, when it comes to probiotics, the delivery system is important. In fact, with probiotics, the delivery system can be one of the most important aspects of the effectiveness a probiotic can have.

The reason delivery is important is that the body breaks down this capsule with acids that will dissolve this outer layer. If this happens too soon, the probiotics are released before they reach the intestines. If they do not reach their destination alive, consuming them is a waste of energy.

Let’s dive into the probulin probiotic distribution system as they are a perfect example of properly done probiotic delivery.

Ensure the delivery of probiotics with the algae submarine

They call this system proprietary MAKTrek 3-D. The first step in this delivery is the “container” where the bacteria will travel. Probulin has dubbed this transport an “algae submarine.”

Brown algae (lessonia nigrescens) are complex marine polysaccharides that protect bacterial strains, so they do not decompose or be compromised by the rich acidic environment of the stomach and then through the duodenum, where it is exposed to bile .

Many probiotics are encapsulated in an enteric or pearl coating that may not withstand such a harsh environment, needless to say this may negate the benefits of the probiotics you were looking for. That’s why you’ll often see a ridiculously high CFU count (and a higher price to match). Because brands want at least some bacteria to survive on the treacherous journey. Probulin’s MAKTrek 3-D delivery system avoids these problems and can keep your probiotics alive during your trip to the gut without excessive counting.

Hydration and nutrition for people … and probiotics!

Another practice that differentiates Probulin is the care of probiotics themselves. Billions of bacteria have survived the journey through the stomach and are now released in the gut. These first hours are intense for the probiotic, which is why Probulin has sent a few survival kits for each of the probiotics in the form of prebiotics and electrolytes: food and hydration for the probiotics. This allows probiotics to establish themselves in their new community.

Takeaway food

Surely there is a lot to know about probiotics. We have removed the conjectures about what to look for in a brand of high quality probiotics. Stick with Probulin or others with similar practices to make sure you get the hardest, healthiest probiotics in your gut.

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