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Welcome to my annual summary of rooms and spaces we completed! I’m always amazed at how much it can change in just one year.

Each year, I publish a large list of home project goals in January. Here is my list for 2021. As I watched, I was amazed at how many things we marked.

Last year was full of changes, among them Collin on the move returns to his hometown. We worked in DIY, renovation and decoration in my house for almost six years, so as you can imagine, his absence left its mark and since then I have been readjusting.

Another notable change is that last year I formed a different vision and mood for our home. When we first moved here, it was a lot of inspiration from the 70’s of our last project with lots of pink and orange.

But after a year of living here and making / remaking humor boards and the Harry Potter and Nancy Meyers marathons, I finally changed direction TOTALLY. It went from a warm-toned humor board heavily inspired by the ’70s to a 1920s-inspired feel with a greener, more neutral color scheme. I’ll talk more about that later!

We have completed mine wardrobe makeover. It was a renovation with little waste, meaning we didn’t boot much. Instead, we optimized what came with the space. A year later, I’m in love with this closet and have no plans to renovate it again in the future. It’s magical!

We also completed mine husband’s closet.

The next one was the pantry. And yes, if you follow up, these are two pink wardrobes in a row. This is probably a renovation of the first phase because we are likely to reconfigure this space by the time we remodel the kitchen. In the meantime, it has been helpful and organized.

My office it was my favorite room makeover of the year. Lay from the floor to the ceiling wallpaper It’s always been a dream of mine, and WOW, it had a big impact. I am so grateful for this creative space for both working and doing crafts with my children.

We have completed the guest bedroom in January. It was great to have a cozy space for friends and family to come and visit. We even got a visit from baby Oscar last year!

Our children’s bathroom has a mini soda. I’m blown away by how wonderful it is glued tile durable (no wear, it is very thick and of high quality).

And overall, I’m grateful to have a nice space (r) for the kids, as we don’t plan on completely renovating their bathrooms for a long time.

This year we have done two renovations of the first phase in our kitchen. The first was to add this backsplash pasted. It has held up well and has given our big, boring kitchen a more focal point.

It was also an opportunity for me to see how much I enjoyed living with patterned tiles and I think I would be MORE likely to use it in a future renovation after living with this backsplash.

Our second phase of renovation was this imitation painted marble countertop. I was nervous about trying it, but I ended up enjoying the process a lot. It had a big impact on the look and feel of our kitchen. We use these meters a lot and there are some small wear marks after six months.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that their countertops lasted for years with no signs of wear and tear, but they were probably people who didn’t have two small children.

Still, I would definitely recommend this as a renewal of the first phase to anyone interested in a weekend project. Zero repentance.

We decorated ours children’s bedrooms this year and it was a lot of fun. One of my tips for moving with young children is to make their bedroom feel special and set up as soon as you can.

As first time pool owners, our first pool season was a magical time! We worked hard to assemble it as soon as the warm weather arrived. It was very satisfying to see how it transformed! You can see photos from this space here and the visit the pool here.

He pink bow buffet it was one of my favorite projects of 2021. It was a really fun experience to try something like this.

We we have updated our breakfast room adding wallpaper. It gave a lot more personality to the room and I think this choice of wallpaper (along with the office) was probably a key part of my style crisis (and inevitable flip flops of humor boards). No remorse.

Let’s move on to the pivots! We made two big pivots in 2021. The first one was our decision to buy the pink house. We planned to buy the holiday home in our hometown, but when Emma decided to move into a full-time home, we decided to put up with it.

It was rather a five-year plan to possibly buy a second home in our hometown. We weren’t sure what to do and we were constantly discussing the pros and cons.

Of course, I set a Zillow alert in the neighborhood where Emma lives (the prettiest neighborhood in the world!). During the summer, I became obsessed with a large historic home that needed a lot of work.

I love a big project, but my husband was not interested in a big, long-distance remodel. He thought practical and I thought with my heart loving the fireplace.

So when a renovated (and much smaller) house came up, we decided to take a look. The stars seemed to line up and we were able to buy the house, paint it pink and furnish it during the fall season.

We stayed there for the first time on Halloween weekend with our kids. We are thrilled to be able to remember and be able to visit our Missouri family easily, stay as long as we want, and take our dogs with us. We are very grateful … like WOW.

I would also credit this house in part for my style transition because decorating it without any mid-century influence opened up a whole new part of me.

I can point you specifically to the first time I bought an antique chandelier for the pink house. He was very handsome and full of character. I know it sounds cheesy, but it changed me! I completely fell in love with the traditional and historic decor throughout the furnishing process of this house.

The second big pivot of 2021 was completely changing my mood board for our Tennessee home remodeling. I feel so lucky that we didn’t do much remodeling before making the change. You can see my original mood board (made just 12 months ago) here.

I am so grateful to have lived in the house for over a full year before renovating it. It gave me a chance to get to know the house, but also to get to know my own vision. The year I spent imagining and reimagining was a gift !!! I am very, very grateful that I did not start renovating before we moved.

Good! That’s all for now. Soon, I will share our plans for 2022! If you have been following on IG, you know that we are already DEEP in a renovation of six rooms: the living room, the dining room, the entrance, the powder bathroom, the hidden library (!!!!) and the master bedroom.

2022 will be a very exciting year of renewal for the blog.

I send love to all of you! xx- Elsie

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