Eating this reduces the risk of heart disease, according to the study


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According to a study, heart health can be improved by consuming this food twice a week.

Good heart health involves many factors, from working out regularly to eating the right kind of meals. Despite not having shortcuts to having good cardiovascular health, there is one food that can increase your heart health, specifically if you eat it twice a week.

In accordance with a 2018 study published in American Journal of Hypertension, there is a link between eating yogurt twice a week and less risk of cardiovascular disease.

“We hypothesized that long-term yogurt intake could reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, as some small previous studies had shown beneficial effects of fermented dairy products,” said Justin Buendia, one of the study’s authors. “Here we had a very large cohort of hypertensive men and women, who were followed up for 30 years.”

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These results were obtained by examining the health records of more than 55,000 women between the ages of 30 and 55 with high blood pressure. Statistics of 18,000 men between 30 and 55 years old. Participants kept records of their diets and medical diagnoses that included stroke and heart attacks.

Subjects who ate two or more servings of yogurt weekly were 19% less likely to suffer a heart attack than subjects who ate no yogurt at all. Although all subjects experienced benefits, these results were more pronounced in women, who were 30% less likely to suffer cardiac arrest when consuming yogurt frequently.

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Yogurt, especially those without added sugars or flavors, is healthy for your overall health. It has protein, calcium and probiotics. It is especially beneficial for heart health as it is related to positive blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

If you want to add yogurt to your diet, it’s important to know that not all yogurts are the same. Many yogurt brands have unhealthy artificial sugars or sweeteners. The best option would be to eat fat-free natural yogurt, mixing it with fruit or other ingredients to flavor and complete meals.

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