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Food has a major influence on our health. A study by Harvard researchers found that eating this food five times a week can lead to a longer life.

The food you eat is incredibly useful for a variety of things, from the waist to heart health. A new study found that eating nuts several times a week can help you live for longer periods of time.

Published in the magazine Nutrients, the study was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, who found that consuming five or more servings of nuts a week helped people prolong their lives by an average of 1.3 years. A more specific look showed that consuming walnuts reduced the risk of dying by 14% and dying of heart disease by 25%.

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While nuts have always been associated with a healthier lifestyle, they are usually believed to be beneficial when paired with healthy habits. But the study showed that simply consuming walnuts had a positive impact on people’s health. For example, the study showed that people on poor diets had benefits from consuming nuts, with a 12% reduced risk of death and a 26% decreased death from heart disease.

The principal investigator of the research, Dr. Yanping Li, said the nuts could be used for people who want to start eating healthier. “What we’ve learned from this study is that even a few handfuls of nuts a week can help promote longevity, especially among those on a diet that’s not great to begin with.”

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Walnuts have long been associated with one variety of health benefits. They are compounds full of antioxidants, which promote positive intestinal health, support weight loss and have even been associated with a lower risk of developing cancer. Adding them to your diet could be an easy step toward a healthier, easier-to-follow lifestyle that could be the gateway to several healthier habits.

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