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Every year, I make a special ornament (or group of ornaments) with my daughters. I love this tradition both for the memories we make together and for our growing collection of nostalgic and messy ornaments.

There are a million different ways to decorate a perfect Christmas tree, but is there anything more nostalgic, warm and welcoming than children’s crafts? No way.

First, let’s talk about dry clay in the air. I like magic model and I have it on hand at all times to make children’s crafts of the moment.

It is an easier and less messy alternative too much salt. Last weekend, I made these Santa ornaments (so beautiful: the design was inspired ashchaber on Instagram).

Here’s another example of a magical New Year’s Eve Christmas ornament pattern with our family. We made one of these for each of our girls for their first Christmas. This is the process used:

  • Roll out the clay in an oval shape (slightly larger than your hand).
  • Press your hand on the clay (it helps to squeeze the whole hand, and then also press each individual finger and palm while the hand is still in the original location).
  • Make a hole in the top. Let the clay dry; it takes a few days (I rotated it once a day to dry both sides evenly).
  • When the clay is dry, you can repeat the handprint with paint if you want a more dramatic one to show.

For Santa’s ornament, the process is pretty much the same, except that I trimmed the outer edges of the clay (with scissors) after the handprint was activated.

I used to rubber stamps to add their initials and year to each ornament. Then I painted it myself after it was completely dry.

We found these paintable frames in a craft shop (similar here). I like to pick up supplies like this that are specific to the holidays. I’ve found that you can use them year after year, so if you don’t use all of your supplies, save them for next year.

These are some of the first ornaments I made with Nova when I was 3 years old. She was old enough to paint the frames herself. After drying, I made the stamping for her, and then we added the pompom balls together.

That year we did a lot of extras and they made great gifts for the family.

This photo was taken a few days after arriving home after adopting Nova. We adopted her in early December, so her first Christmas with us was immediately after returning home.

These unfinished ceramic ornaments they are perfect for painting with young children who are learning to pick up a brush. On the back we painted “The First Christmas of the New.”

Another fun idea is unfinished wooden animals. She painted them and then we added pompoms when they were dry.

Other easy holiday craft ideas:

  • Unpainted Christmas trees are fun to paint and combine well with brush trees and other decorations. You can see it shown at our visit to holiday home here.
  • Make a paper string with red and green paper. A classic!
  • Cut out the snowflakes (my 6-year-old can do it for hours).
  • Let your children paint your gift wrap. I like to do this with craft paper packages that are already wrapped.

We hope you have a great holiday! xx- Elsie

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