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The negative consequences of COVID have gone as far as affecting the global economy, and many analysts are convinced that the stock market crash is poised to continue. That said, a recent presentation made waves as it introduced the notion of “Genesis Investments.” For those who are curious, this opportunity has nothing to do with traditional investments, nor do they revolve around stocks, options, bonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc. It turns out that, “from just one of the Genesis investments last year, a group of investors made 530% in 13 months.”

For the longest time, getting access to Genesis Investments was nearly impossible, especially considering that it was something that only attracted the wealthy. Now that the doors are open to just about anyone through the Early Stage Playbook, it seems like a good idea to have a complete understanding of what this system entails. The following review will dive closely into the Early Stage Playbook’s ins and outs and how individuals can take advantage of it. There is a lot to unpack in regards to Matt Milner, the Genesis Investing System and the Early Stage Playbook that leads with “The Dow is Dead”.

What is the Early Stage Playbook?

Early Stage Playbook is described as a step-by-step guide that educates individuals on how to get involved in equity crowdfunding activities. Created by the duo, Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan, who are also the founders of Crowdability, this system can also help those who are lacking essential knowledge when it comes to investing in a company at its earlier stages (or even later stages through pre-IPOs and IPOs).

So, how is it possible that an investment class that was once closed to the public is now open? It turns out that Matt and Wayne put this system together so that individuals can grab onto opportunities brought upon them via the HR 3606 (i.e., Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act). This act eased many of the private-market restrictions imposed in the U.S. Having said all that, let’s take a closer look at the learning opportunity presented.

Early Stage Playbook Reviews
Early Stage Playbook Reviews

What is there to learn from the Early Stage Playbook?

Early Stage Playbook appears to cover every possible angle involved in this particular stream of investing. Composed of 12 video lessons, each one will be hosted online to learn at their own pace and do so whenever they please. Namely, the duo insists that they will be covering topics such as:

  • How much money one should invest in early-stage investments
  • How to tell the difference between the solid and the riskiest of investments
  • Identifying characteristics that make a company strong versus weak
  • What the VC indicator is and how it has helped many earn profits from early-stage companies
  • Understanding the steps to build a portfolio of profitable early-stage investments
  • How to use the private market to make 10 to 12% in returns
  • Why it is important to set up a 506(c) Fund account
  • How to buy private equity in 401k and IRA

What will each registration to the Early Stage Playbook include?

Aside from the aforementioned video lessons, Matt and Wayne offer a number of bonuses that contain detailed investment recommendations that one can act on. This has been done to help individuals make practical use of their theoretical knowledge. Here is an overview of what the bonuses comprise of:

Bonus #1. A Mutual Fund for Start-Ups

The first bonus complements the Early Stage Playbook because it focuses heavily on pre-IPO investments. These are companies that are in their later stages of development than the typical start-ups. Oftentimes, pre-IPO prices are much lower right before an IPO, which is what normally minimizes risk. In this report, 49 pre-IPOs investments will be expounded upon.

Bonus #2. 12% Yields in the “Private Bond Market.”

As suggested by the name of the bonus, individuals will be presented with the opportunity to consider the bonds market, yet another aspect of private investing. Matt trusts that this guide is a great addition to enhance one’s income further.

Bonus #3. The 60-Minute Venture Investor

The 60-Minute Venture Investor is nothing more than a checklist that helps one to choose the good opportunities from the bad. In other words, it somewhat summarizes the main facets that a company should have but in the form of a checklist. Ultimately, one can decide whether an investment is worthwhile based on how many of the boxes are checked off.

Bonuses #4 & #5. Shark Tank Reports

Both bonuses 4 and 5 cover Matt’s analysis and evaluation of two important investments. As previously mentioned, this is yet another approach to show everyone how they should use the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

How much does it cost to register for the Early Stage Playbook course?

The Early Stage Playbook course once retailed at $250. However, the duo behind this system has decided to offer a one-time discount. This means that one can enroll in the course for a one-time payment of $39, which constitutes the basic package. Also, the Early Stage Playbook has been backed by a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Bearing that in mind, should any questions or concerns come up, customer service can be contacted at

Meet Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan

Before jumping all the way into joining Early Stage Playbook and The Genesis Investing System offered by Crowdability, it is important to know who individuals will be dealing with and hearing with moving forward.

Matt Milner

Matthew Milner is a media and technology executive with years of entrepreneurial proficiency. In fact, he founded several tech start-ups, which he eventually sold to giants within the industry. As for his knowledge of investments, much of it was allegedly gathered working on Wall Street and in Sales & Trading with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. He also helped Collective Spark get off the ground, a company where he remains a venture partner.

Wayne Mulligan

Wayne Mulligan is a financial media executive who also happens to have started on Wall Street. His technology expertise is quite praiseworthy, as he worked as a programmer and helped build a tech firm while wrapping up his high school degree. With time and experience under his belt, he created a tech platform called TickerHound, a vital Q&A platform for all investing and finance needs. Eventually, TickerHound was acquired by the Institute for Individual Investors (IFII).

Today, the duo stand firm in their latest endeavor called Crowdability, a platform that offers individuals who invest essential information, education, and insight into the crowdfunding market. Here’s what the founders have to say regarding their contribution to the investment world:

“We aim to protect individual investors. By educating and empowering them, we believe we can help them avoid making costly mistakes – and provide them the highest chances for success.”

Final Verdict

Early Stage Playbook is a course that teaches individuals how they can tap into private markets, namely that of the crowdfunding market. Given that this investing stream is finally open to the general public, it is imperative to understand how to identify profitable investments from those with high risks. With the Early Stage Playbook, all possible answers to one’s questions are provided in numerous video lessons and bonus guides. The fact that two experts in the field founded such a system reflects the overall credibility, which is a plus. On that note, it is important to mention that preparing educational material is not an easy task. Yet, Matt and Wayne offer Early Stage Playbook for as little as $39, which shows how committed Crowdability is towards their mission. To find out more about how Early Stage Playbook has been structured, click here.


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