Dura Software acquires SecureVideo cloud-based telehealth platform


What you should know:

Hard Software, a specialist in the acquisition and operation of hyper-niche software products, announced that it has acquired Secure video, a cloud-based software company with extensive experience in developing a secure SaaS telehealth platform for the healthcare industry. With the expansion of Dura’s portfolio, SecureVideo is the ninth acquisition of Dura Software and promotes Dura’s mission to acquire niche software companies that meet critical business needs.

– At the service of the healthcare industry, SecureVideo produces a HIPAA-compatible cloud-based telehealth platform designed to help customers quickly master their telesalut workflow. As a trusted partner in the healthcare space, SecureVideo offers a flexible and reliable telehealth technology solution to behavioral health organizations, medical groups, hospitals, medical offices, specialized healthcare organizations, and other medical organizations.

– SecureVideo will move its headquarters to San Antonio, while all employees will remain at their current locations. SecureVideo CEO Jonathan Taylor will lead the company as it moves into Dura Software’s business portfolio.

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