Dr. Bobbi Peterson Overcomes Cancer, Bouncing Back With ThirstRX and a New YouTube Channel

Dr. Bobbi Peterson has not let being diagnosed with cancer hold her back. The celebrity doctor launches ThristRX and documents her journey through cancer treatment in a new YouTube Channel.

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Celebrity orthodontist Dr. Bobbi Peterson was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in 2020. Months after that announcement, Dr. Bobbi Peterson documents her journey through breast cancer treatment via her new YouTube channel, where she’s referred to as “Cancer Warrior” by her fans. Overcoming breast cancer can be an ordeal for millions of women around the world. Still, Dr. Bobbi Peterson is a shining example of not only living with cancer but coming out of the experience stronger than ever. Speaking of success while on her cancer journey Dr. Bobbi Peterson has also opened a very much-needed juice and smoothie bar called ThirstRX.

The celebrity orthodontist from Newark, NJ, has built an amazing career thanks to social networking, personal networking, celebrity endorsements, and an extensive list of high-end referrals. While based in Brooklyn, NY, for the last 20 years the doctor is known to travel across the country, to consult with mainly celebrity clients when they need her the most. However, after being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Bobbi Peterson has had to focus more on recovery, but that didn’t stop her from launching a highly successful YouTube channel. The YouTube channel documents her journey through breast cancer treatment. It gives women real insight into what they can expect, some personal experiences, and hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In addition to launching an already successful YouTube channel, Dr. Bobbi Peterson launched ThirstRX. The new venture is a healthy juice and smoothie venture. The claim, according to the official website is that the fresh juices and smoothies will rebuild the immune system and the consciousness of a community that’s been devastated by COVID-19. ThirstRX offers free delivery of its fresh juices, orders for which can be placed online.

Dr. Bobbie Peterson is an inspiration not only because she is not letting cancer get in the way of her life, but also because she’s able to run the ventures above in addition to her fulltime dental practice. Plus, she continues to network being a naturally social person.

When talking about the challenge of overcoming breast cancer, Dr. Bobbi Peterson said “It’s like anything else in life, it is a challenge. When I started my practice, there were zero patients. I networked, and before I knew it, my service was being referred to friends and family. Word spread to the point where I was contracted to do a custom piece of oral jewelry for a rapper with millions of social media followers. Once I did that things went through the roof. In other words, it is a process, and as such, you take it one day at a time.”

When asked what message she had for women diagnosed with breast cancer, she said “It is important to be strong for yourself, your family, and your community. Cancer isn’t easy to overcome, but it takes time, and you need to be focused on recovery. Don’t let anything deter you from working to overcome the challenge.”



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